Winning the Presidential Election in not a Joke by Toyinbo Olumide
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Winning the Presidential Election in not a Joke by Toyinbo Olumide



2019 - Winning the Presidential Election in not a Joke by Toyinbo Olumide

Three or more sticks of broom put together will sweep better than each of them being used loosely’- Anonymous

Recently, I have been so keen about the 2019 general elections, especially the presidential election. With people turning out to declare their intention to contest almost every other week pushes my own self to declare intention to run, of course, for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. No one comes out without so many plans for the country.

They have a very planned and detailed skeleton of the Nigeria problems as well as the derived solutions. The two far-ahead political parties seem not to be very much concerned about the analysis but they keep giving us different propagandas and administrative cum political punch lines day by day. It is more of countering each other to get more supporting hands on their own part.

The seemingly new political parties are doing more analysis to win the hearts of Nigerians, probably made possible because most of their members are accomplished professionals in various fields, they can easily diagnose and posit solutions to the problems diagnosed. They boast of having the needed capacity to fix things but will they be granted the fixing power?

Something to note is that all the contestants are contesting to win- no doubt. Anyone who says contrary can be tagged as one of the shenanigans Nigeria can boast of. Who contests to be seen at this time and at such level? Who puts in so much effort just for fun? Who puts in so much money just for the fun of it? It is to contest and win. However, winning with the current setup has to do with more than competence and even personality, winning may include those but it is far more than them! Few political parties are joining the scene recently and each of them claims to have a presidential candidate to contest in the 2019 presidential election.

Though, presently in most of these developing political parties, there are still more people contending to run in each of them, they still have to choose one as the flag-bearer. How possible is it to win? How possible is it to get to the presidency and win out the two present parties dominating the political scene?

It is noteworthy to mark that even it took three biggest opposition parties a merger to win the 2015 presidential election after so much trials to win loosely.

How much more many ‘small’ parties winning loosely? You might call me a man of little faith but great faith without strategy is plying towards the road of sure loss. What about trail with smartness? What about faith with strategy? All the units of the developing political parties would fare well forming a coalition than loosely operating if making Nigeria better is actually the agenda.

The egoistic minds and the stubborn or perhaps the selfish interests of these party leaders or the contestants might be the clog to attaining this. When they say opposition party, the number and the mighty voices make it. So far, to majority of people, aside from some unrealistic constituent entities of the tyro parties, the 2019 election is between two political parties-the ruling party and the audibly voicing opposition party and not between many political parties as much as they have registered.

Until these developing parties go into a process of synergism, we will continue to be led in this country by either of the two dominating parties which I believe are the same-they are the same folks under different roofs but can move from one to another at a pleased time when any of them is willing.

Let’s check it, there has been an unstopping defection between those two parties for a whole long time now. Synergising and moulding each of their resources and energies would go a long way to saving this country from this present all round epidemic of maladministration at various levels. Without that being done, I guess the new-comers in political business are just kidding themselves to take over power from the old folks who will never see themselves as being old to rule.

As much as it will make democracy fare well with numerous political parties competing, tight competition between not too many political parties makes it work better and not competition between two parties and some other political parties that end up getting UTME scores in each state at the end of the day. This is not to ridicule the toils of these political parties but to check the possibility of them really realising the aim of contesting which is to win and make Nigeria better.

Trying to get the power from those behind the genesis of the bundles of problems we are facing in the country today is not going to be a free ride if at all it is possible- it would need more than voices voicing individually but voices voicing collectively. I believe with that, it is still close to possibility even if it is not possible but it is possible. Contesting and winning the presidential election is not just a common joke! Contesting and losing may be.

At this point in time- less than a year to the big deal, the scene is getting critical and politicians as usual are getting strategic as they have always been. Some are playing and will still play with the intelligence of the citizenry by dashing out material things to the unrepentant members of the public who will always be sold out after the chicken feeds they get.

Those ones seem to always fail to realise that what they get during electioneering periods won’t last for the four years they will stay in office. The mistake or good-take made by the majority stands with the nation in the next four years to come and those four years are long enough not to be used as trial. It is not until you contest for President of this nation that you can make it better. A vote from you is a mere step to making it better. Get your PVC today and vote when the time comes or shut up for the next four years to come in a better or worse condition.

Toyinbo Olumide writes from the University of Ibadan.

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