When will the Zenith light Come On?
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When will the Zenith light Come On?

Dumebi Ifeanyi



I am sure I am not the only one asking this question. I am eager to see the lights come on and I am 200% prepared. New smart phone; checked, in fact everything, checked. The only thing missing is the date the lights are coming on.

I have been driving past the Ajose Adeogun street where Zenith Bank’s head office is located, since last week because I cannot wait to behold the beautiful decorations the Bank will unveil this year. Each day, my anticipation grows because Zenith Bank has a reputation for surpassing expectations and last year, the decorations with the lights were breathtaking. So, this year, one can only imagine what is to come.

I can’t wait to experience one of those magical moments that will be so unforgettable. Last year, I brought my family to see the decorations. They were so happy and the pictures where so beautiful; mama was just posing for pictures like a young girl.

So, this year I promised the whole family that we are coming back for part 2. No wonder, my wife does not complain whenever I drive through the Ajose Adeogun street which is not our usual route home. However, yesterday she surprised me. I picked her up from her office and as usual, took the Ajose Adeogun route. As we drove through the street, she asked me to stop. Surprised at her request, I stopped, and she got out of the car and motioned to one of the workers setting up the decorations.

Hello Sir, when are the lights coming up, she asked. Soon and very soon, he replied smiling. She smiled and walked back to the car and sat quietly. I looked at her and burst into laughter. I thought I was alone, I said. You are not alone dear, she responded smiling as we drove off. Tomorrow we will drive though Ajose again because we cannot wait for the lights to come on. By the way just imagine, what if the lights came up on Black Friday. Woah!!! Shopping, wonderful atmosphere, what more can I ask for.

Dumebi Ifeanyi is a Writer and a Computer Science Graduate. He is Passionate about Nigeria and has great interests in Governance and Politics.

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