How i will make Ekiti people rich if elected Governor - ADP Candidate
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How i will make Ekiti people rich if elected Governor – ADP Candidate

Dumebi Ifeanyi



adp - How i will make Ekiti people rich if elected Governor - ADP Candidate

Mr Segun Adewale, the Action Democratic Party (ADP) candidate in the July 14 gubernatorial election in Ekiti, has promised to put in place a strong financial base for the state.

Adewale made the pledge on Friday while speaking with newsmen shortly after a reception he organised for his Muslim supporters in Ado-Ekiti.

He said that his administration would ensure financial independence for the state.

Adewale also said Ekiti would become a reference point for all states in the area of agriculture, technology, education and healthcare delivery.

“I believe in financial freedom for every Ekiti citizen; within the first 100 days in office, if elected, I will set up a small or nucleus community-based banking system to support small-scale businesses in every community in Ekiti.

“These community-based banks would expend 80 per cent of the governor’s security vote as revolving loan to support businesses in the various communities because the best form of security is to engage majority of the citizens profitably.

“This scheme shall give special attention to women, youths and the physically challenged in the disbursement of the funds, “he said.

Speaking on entrepreneurship and vocational training of citizens, the Chief Executive Officer of Aeroland group of companies said that each of the 16 local government areas of the state would have specialised training centres.

“This is to prepare our unemployed youths for the proposed industrialisation of the state through making them employable and turning the state to a one-stop shop of highly demanded vocational skills.

“We shall equip participants who wish to start their own businesses with entrepreneurial skills and necessary funding through the Citizens Business Financing Scheme (CBFS) while seeking employment for those that prefer paid jobs.

“What I know that can take us out of our present predicament is to have manpower and converting our knowledge to wealth.

“We need to have a reorientation that is basically on manpower.

“It is an unfortunate scenario that in Ekiti, politics has been monetised, people do not really care what you have to offer because successive leaders have impoverished the people and because of that, the level of poverty does not even make people to reason anymore.

“We have to change the orientation of the people from the idea of what I will eat now; I am ready and determined to challenge the political hegemony of the old, we cannot be doing things the same way and expect a different result.

“We are people of the fountain of knowledge and land of honour, but still queue to collect a measure of rice that will be eaten up the same day or at most, the day after,’’ he said.

Adewale said that his vision and mission for the state would bring succour to the people of the state.

“ I will kickstart our administration by offsetting all outstanding salaries of workers and pension arrears within six months if elected,’’ he said.

The ADP candidate also promised to fix electricity in the state to boost the business environment, noting that Ekiti had remained unfriendly due to persistent power outage in most parts of the state.

The candidate, who promised to resuscitate moribund state-owned factories, said that attention would be given to the production of the local rice known as “Igbemo” while the education sector would be repositioned for the state to regain its rightful place.

“My emphasis is on management and leadership, these are the things lacking in Ekiti right now, yes, we have professors in every home, but there is poverty everywhere, the high number of professors has not translated into wealth for Ekiti people.

“Most of the candidates in the coming election have never created something with their hands, they have never created wealth, they are still collecting salaries.

“They have never created wealth, employed people or paid salaries, they are employees themselves, so, how will an employee solve the problems of a co-employee when he does not even know how to convert nothing to something?

“Nigeria’s economy has changed from what you study in school to what do you know, so, we have to change the orientation of the people of the state from theory.

“Ekiti must be known for something and that is what I am bringing to the table, “he said.

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