What will happen in Nigeria if Buhari goes after Obasanjo - Sagay
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What will happen in Nigeria if Buhari goes after Obasanjo – Sagay

Dumebi Ifeanyi



itse sagay - What will happen in Nigeria if Buhari goes after Obasanjo - Sagay

Chairman of the Presidential Advisory committee against corruption(PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay has disclosed what will occur if President Muhamadu Buhari decided to Prosecute Obasanjo over the controversial $16 billion power project carried out under his tenure as president.

Sagay, in an interview with Independent, disclosed that ‘heavens will not fall’ if president Buhari goes after him. In his words;

“Heavens will not fall if Obasanjo is prosecuted and jailed if found guilty. In my opinion, this government has a very kind disposition towards former presidents out of respect. The government doesn’t want to create the impression whereby a former president who is the image of the country is being brought to trial. It will look a sorry sight. But no one should challenge this government and then compel it too establish that those who are talking are not the best and they allowed a lot of dirt under them for which they are not being prosecuted.”

He also bared his mind on Obasanjo’s penchant of attacking incumbent presidents in the country;

“Why even go to the United States? Let’s look into Nigeria. How many times has Yakubu Gowon under whom Obasanjo served as a military officer criticise anybody? I am sure when he has anything to say he will go quietly. How many times has Abdulsalami Abubakar criticised anybody? Even Ibrahim Babangida was quiet before, respecting himself until Obasanjo started pushing and egging him to speak. You could see it wasn’t natural with Babangida coming out to attack a successor.

So, this is an Obasanjo ego trip. He has to be the President-General forever. He is always envious of anyone who came in after him. He has to interfere to be relevant and you must allow him preside over the presidency otherwise there will be no peace.

He didn’t allow Yar’Adua to rest; he didn’t allow Jonathan to rest now it is the turn of Buhari. I think this tendency of putting your hands in the eyes of those who succeeded you really has to be stopped. His shenanigans has to be stopped.

He went to Afenifere, a group he has had nothing to do with for years for support. He has formed some artificial party ADC and all sorts of ridiculous associations thinking he can destabilise this government when he was allowed a free reign as president.

He got two terms and then wanted a Third Term. Nobody killed him for it even though that attempt failed woefully. So, I think Obasanjo should allow Nigeria to rest. He should give Nigeria peace. He should just go to his house and leave us alone. We have had enough of him.”

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  1. Ahmed umar

    May 28, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    You are a Liar buhari can not prosecute obasanjo because buhari is corrupt also

  2. AAO

    May 28, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Jittering/panicking comment from ‘Senior Anygovtinpower of Nigeria'(SAN).

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