Why Nigerian Police force is rated among the worst in the world
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Why Nigerian Police force is rated among the worst in the world



Nigerian police force
Nigerian police force 300x172 - Why Nigerian Police force is rated among the worst in the world

Nigerian police force

Immediately one steps into the vicinity of the police station, the most conspicuous inscription is “Bail is free” and “Police is your friend”.
Nigerians have come to the realization that “police is not our friend” and “bail is not free”.

The latest ranking released by the World internal security and police index (WISPI) indicates that the Nigerian police is one of the worst security outfit in the country. Nigerian police is ranked 124th out of 127th.
According to WISPI, Botswana ranks number one in Africa and number 47th in the world to emerge as the best police in Africa. Rwanda police is rates 2nd best in Africa and 50th in the world and Algeria 3rd in Africa, 58th in the world.

According to the data released by WISPI, the ranking was done based on the ability of the police to provide internal security to the populace.
Considering the indicators, it is glaring that the ranking is well deserved for Nigerian Police.

In this post, we shall analyse the major reasons why the Nigerian police falls short of the required standard:

#1 On Capacity:

To manpower in the Nigerian Police force is not large enough to cater for the Population of the country. The Nigerian police has about 370,000 men. Comparing this with the population in the country pegs the ratio to 1 policeman to 459 Nigerians.
This is far below the required standard. It has hampered the force from fighting crime. No wonder why many criminal cases are lost in court because they lack the needed manpower for concise investigations. In addition to the poor manpower capacity, Nigerian police force is poorly equipped. Accusing fingers will always be pointed to the big wigs in Nigerian politics for not doing enough to strengthen internal security in the country.

#2 Process and legitimacy

To the Nigerian police, every one is a suspect until you are able to prove otherwise. They arrest and detain people at will all with the motive of charging victims for Bail.
In the year 2016, over 60 extra-judicial executions were carried out by the Nigerian police force. Unlawful detention is the order of the day. Nigerians are always in fear. Some don’t even wish to relate with a police officer talkless of having one as a friend. They are used by too politicians to intimidate hapless citizens at political gatherings.
This poor process and legitimate prosecution by the Nigerian police force as placed them below their contemporaries across the world.

#3 Corruption:

The rate of the corruption in the Nigerian police force is excessively high. Most of the Officers of the Nigerian police are focused on their survival than on the actual policing job.
They mount too many check points in the country probably for the sole aim of extorting money and bribe from people. They harass and intimidate people at ease. The poor legitimacy in the force is mainly borne out of corruption which has ravaged the Nigerian Police.
Of a truth there is no way that the Nigerian police could be ranked higher than that. It is pertinent that as the country is striving to sanitize politics in Nigeria, the same thing should be done in the Nigerian Police.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jude Adams

    August 7, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Are you talking about their police??? What about their Army????. The zoo called Nigeria is the hell on earth

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