Sam Adeyemi speaks on his experience with poverty
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‘I used to brush without toothpaste’ – Sam Adeyemi speaks on his experience with poverty

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Daystar Christian Center head pastor, Sam Adeyemi is truly a man of great wisdom, experience and wealth, but shockingly things were not always this good for him in the past.

In a recent interview, Adeyemi reveals he did not enjoy a life of luxury. While talking about his background, he stated that his father was a civil servant and that he had the kind of fun that children of the middle class have. Things stepped up a bit after his father became a contractor.

Unfortunately, life showed his family another side when his father’s business collapsed and poverty crept in. In his words;

“I tasted poverty and real hardship.I used to brush my teeth without toothpaste.The experience gave me the capacity for compassion. I cannot forget where I am coming from,” 

He further added that the experience with poverty contributed greatly to his development and eventually shaped everything he has become in life. He also spoke on why his church, Daystar focuses on leadership and raising role models.

He said;

“Practically everything we do in our church is about grooming people. We build talents to meet societal needs. We encourage the development of skills and the development of excellence, all targeted towards service.

“There is the need for one to be pure in intent. Life is vanity. It is the things you invest in life that matter. It is the capacity you build in others that counts. No man has any intrinsic value than any other man. Nobody is more important than any other person.”

He also revealed his thoughts on leadership in Nigeria. He expressed regret that although he has cause to relate with Nigerians in top positions  and even in political offices, it was extremely difficult to change many of them. Quoting him;

“The best time to change the President is before he becomes the president. While it is practically too late to teach someone what to do when he already has leadership value defined in his own way, Nigeria is practically a crisis in motion. So, it is impossible for them to listen to you. Of course, many people in government mean well, but they are seriously resisted by the system that has evolved over time.”

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