Use Scientific research to solve economic problems - Aribisala to FG
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Use Scientific research to solve economic problems – Aribisala to FG

John Saleh Aminu



fg - Use Scientific research to solve economic problems - Aribisala to FG

The Federal Government has been urged to embrace scientific approach in tackling the socio-economic challenges currently facing the country.

The advice was given by Prof. Benjamin Segun Aribisala of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Lagos State University (LASU).

Prof. Aribisala made this declaration during the 5th annual conference organised by the Faculty of Science of LASU with the theme: ” Cutting edge scientific research a gateway to National Development”

Aribisala said cutting edge science research is making its way to every sector globally, that Nigeria needs scientific research to grow its economy.

“Innovative programme like this would equip scientist in the country to network and collaborate with the latest knowledge, new contexts and practical activities that support development”, he explained.

Adding that stunning scientific research speed up the growth of developed nation, Nigeria can take a leaf from them and diversify, especially with the dwindled oil market.The solution to Nigeria problem is Nigerians, themselves. It is the resources on ground that would aid the development of Nigeria.

” I am a scientist that carry out research in the area of soft ware development. As a scientist a large chain of people are engaged to finish a research process whereby creating an earning power to those he had engaged in one process”, he stressed.

“Our government need to pay attention to scientist and provide funds, it is not only politicians or political scientist that can tackle economic challenges other professions should be brought together to exchange ideas and established collaboration with business men and entrepreneurs, everyone in the chain should be involved for us to have a better result.

He enjoined Nigerians to think about a world where there is no power, electricity, hospital, the basic infrastructures that we all enjoined today, it shows the enormous role scientist play and how they could be appreciated.

He suggested that government should provide funds for scientist to attend conferences, workshops and other events that could help developed their skills. All problems that are human problems can be solved by humans let make use of scientific approach apart from restructuring the system let involved witty innovations and discovery, he pointed out.

In addition Aribisala said the Federal Government needed to developed the area of human resources by building skills and capacity if they can solve the problem of unemployment the rate of insecurity and crime rate would drop drastically and equally died naturally.

He said the public needed to be informed about cutting-edge biomedical research and other innovations that are trending at the moment.

While, a former Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Adejoke Ibidapo called on the Federal Government to invest heavily on research projects and equip laboratories to enable scientists in Nigeria compete with their counterparts all over the world. He also advocated that the Federal Government should create more innovative programmes of continuing professional development courses for scientists and equally develop their skills by creating and the enabling environment that would encourag them do more work.

Ibidapo added that high quality science teaching should be vital, if the country would secure and sustain the scientifically literate workforce that was needed to compete effectively in the global economy.

She said Nigeria needed scientific researches to boost its economy, findings would be applied in every sector, especially in the manufacturing sector that could enhance food production and create employment for youths.

Her words, “If government could create professional support for teachers and Lecturers it would speed scientific progress, it is important for government to create these opportunities, it would encourage the students to explore current scientific developments and controversies”, she said.

Also, Sandra Opuwari, a delegate from South Africa called for broader appreciation of biology, with all its complexities and beauties that lead to important medically relevant advances.

“Many of the images come from organisms like mice, fruit flies and zebrafish. The organisms have much in common with us, including a large proportion of their genes, the way their tissues and organs develop and how their bodies function. Studying them speeds scientific progress to learn more about our own biology”,

Opuwari had made some findings from the human reproductive organs that show a major cause of infertility between couples. She carried out the study on a male and female rat to prove the study but wants to do another research before she can recommend it.

He said the public science development and relevant advances of images of blood, brain, bacteria, viruses and more cutting edge science.

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