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Uche Nwosu as a campaign tool for 2019 Elections by Ikenna Iwuoha

It is becoming increasingly clear that majority of those who have so far declared their intention for the Imo State governorship race for 2019 have no program or manifesto. They have no socio-economic and political blueprint for the state.

The aspiration to become governor of Imo State in 2019 should not be seen as a tea party. It should be for serious minded individuals with vision, mission and clear objectives to further develop Imo State. The ambition to become governor of Imo State or indeed any state in Nigeria must come by inspiration from the Holy Spirit. The vision to lead comes by inspiration. When a man or woman is inspired to lead, you see it by his or her actions, and indeed the way he manages or handles little responsibilities which has been assigned to him.

A leader with vision has no time for gossips, blackmails, excuses, discouragement etc. A leader with vision and mission must have the heart and capacity to clean the economic tears, political tears and social tears of the people he is aspiring to lead. This leader must therefore have the module, roadmap or template through which he would use to actualize his visionary programmes for his people, if given the opportunity to emerge as governor (for instance). Unfortunately, unfortunately and indeed most unfortunately, majority of our governorship aspirants in the state have no vision, mission or even the inspiration to be governor.

I mean no insult here please, but I stand by what I am saying. Rather than tell us how the Imo Economy can be improved upon, how to further create employment for our daily increasing youth graduates, how to move from a Federal Allocation Dependent State to a more Robust and Viable state, how to improve and increase our Internally Generated Revenue, how to improve the Agriculture sector, how to make life generally more meaningful for the people of the state etc, what we see and hear from these army of aspirants are how the Chief of Staff to the Government of Imo State, Hon. Uche Nwosu would not be allowed to succeed our present Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

From the way and manner these aspirants go about their campaigns, sensitization and alignments across the state, it is becoming very obvious that they have no program or development master plan for the state.

Their manifesto and indeed campaign tool is Ugwumba Uche Nwosu. Not only have they made Uche Nwosu their campaign tool, they have instructed their media aides to constantly attack the Development oriented and Industry passionate Chief of Staff.

Few days ago, I read an article written by the Chief Press Secretary to one of the Governorship Aspirants with the title 2019: UCHE NWOSU AS PAWN ON THE CHESS BOARD. After going through the said article two times, I could not really make out anything tangible from the piece, except that the writer ended up proclaiming that Hon. Uche Nwosu has become the determinant factor in the emerging New Imo Politics, and who has enjoyed and still enjoying multiple endorsements from multiple political blocs across the Staff.

Another governorship aspirant who declared his intention few days ago accused Governor Okorocha of wanting a third term through Hon. Uche Nwosu.

But one fact this particular aspirant (who is from Owerri West LGA) has failed to understand is that if Rochas Okorocha has failed as a governor, none of the people currently working in his government would have the audacity, temerity and courage to aspire to take over from him. It is because Okorocha has done well (depending on who is doing the Assessment or Evaluation), especially in infrastructure, transport, Empowerment, Education, Urbanization etc, that is the reason why those under him can boldly step out to show interest in the 2019 governorship position. QED.

Another governorship aspirant who is known to have been in the race since the past 14 years has reportedly deployed all his media foot soldiers against Hon. Uche Nwosu, who he sees as a small boy of yesterday.

This particular aspirant who is my very good friend and brother sees Uche Nwosu as the only obstacle to his dream of emerging governor in 2019; hence the propinquity of attacks the Chief of Staff has been receiving from this fellow through his supporters.

Few days ago this aspirants’ Chief Media Consultant (who is from Ngor Okpalla LGA) came out and declared in his article that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu’s crime was that he is Governor Okorocha’s son-in-law. Unu Ahula nu Isi Okwu Anyi nu? So it is now a crime to be an aspirant and son-in-law to a governor. Yet this same so called “Media Consultant” was a Special Adviser to a governor in the state who appointed his own younger brother his Chief of Staff, and Ndimo allowed it.

Another Governorship aspirant from the respected Mbaise Nation has also deployed the same tactics of attacking Hon. Uche Nwosu. Recently, he described the hard working and never getting tired Chief of Staff as an ‘’inexperienced’’ aspirant in the art of governance. This particular aspirant who has no single “Executive” Leadership experience described himself as the “most” experienced to be governor in 2019.

I can go on and on to expose the “NSHIKO MENTALITY’ of most of these governorship aspirants, who clearly see Uche Nwosu as their campaign tool for next year’s guber election. But what they have failed to realize is that they have further succeeded in making the vision and mission of Hon. Uche Nwosu to be practically more realistic and indeed realizable. The story of Joseph (in the bible) is directly proportionate to the ever admirable story of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, and this is how.

When Joseph came up with his dreams and visions, his brothers did not believe him. Rather, they became envious of him and sought ways to destroy his life. An opportunity presented itself when Joseph on an errand from his father Jacob, brought food for his brothers. Rather than be grateful to Joseph for the food he brought for them, his brothers plotted on how to terminate is life.

They threw him inside a pit, but later brought him out and sold him into slavery. Joseph was resold by his slave-master to Potiphar, an Egypt Protocol Officer. Back home, his brothers made him a campaign tool for their father. Please hear them “OH Papa, a wild animal must have killed and eaten your son Joseph. These are his clothes soaked with blood. Oh Papa, Oh Papa, forget Joseph, afterall you have other sons.’’ And so on and so forth.

In Potiphar’s house, Joseph was a prosperous servant. Everything he did for Potiphar progressed and prospered because the Lord God was with him. But Potiphar’s wife chose to use Joseph as a campaign tool. She seduced the young Joseph and pleaded with him to sleep with her. But Joseph refused and stood his ground because he feared Almighty God. Soon he became a campaign tool in the hand of Potiphar’s wife; who blackmailed and accused him wrongly before her husband.

In anger, Potiphar put Joseph in Prison with hard labour. While at the prison, Joseph was exceptionally good to his fellow inmates. He became a leader and campaign tool in the hands of his fellow inmates. Soon after, he interpreted dreams for two of his fellow inmates, and it came to pass. While one of the inmates was killed, the other went back to his job in king Pharaoh’s palace. Not long after, Joseph became a campaign tool in Pharaoh’s palace and in the whole of Egypt, which eventually led to his emerging from prison to become the Prime Minister of that country. The Lesson herein is that anytime you become a campaign tool in the hands of your detractors or even your admirers: then know that your Lifes’ dream is about being realized.

In the case of Uche Nwosu, his political opponents and detractors are the very ones who have today made it very easy for him to be well known in the State and beyond. Uche Nwosu is today closer to his dream of becoming the Governor (Deputy Governor, as the case may be) of Imo State because he has become the campaign tool of his detractors.

Today, the people of Imo State now know who Uche Nwosy is. Vis a vis
He is the governor’s son in-law
He is the Chief of Staff
He is doing his work effectively and efficiently
He is the Engine room of the present government
He was a commissioner
He was a Deputy Chief of Staff
He was a Student Leader during his days in the University.
He was a National Officer of a Political party.
He was an Assistant Aide to a former President of Nigeria
He has assisted many people who came across his way
He has empowered many people which includes; youths, widows and the less privileged.
And so on and so forth.

It should be noted that in any of the above tasks, he encountered challenges, but God helped him to surmount them.
Conversely, one can argue that Uche Nwosu is Work-in-Progress, who as an intelligent, Smart young man who obviously was destined for greatness, saw an opportunity in Owelle Rochas Okorocha many years ago and grabbed it with both hands and legs, to the glory of Almighty God.

Like David, Uche Nwosu has been viewed as an ‘’inexperienced’’ fellow, but his activities and hard work has continued to endear and even shock many people including his opponents, detractors and enemies, who are today using him as a campaign tool, 1 Samuel Chapter 17 from verse 42 to 57, and 1 Samuel chapter 18 verse 55. David was chosen (anointed) to rule even before the task of defeating Goliath and his marriage to King Saul’s daughter, Michal. These tasks only proved his ability and resourcefulness even though he was a youth, 1 Samuel Chapter 17 verse 33 – 37, 1 Samuel Chapter 16 verse 1 – 13.

Although King Saul was the King, it was David that was the engine of his administration and wars. This made him to become more equipped to fulfill his destiny and calling, 1 Chronicles Chapter 1 from verse 1 -3. The same can be said of Hon. Uche Nwosu, for he has shown temerity, wisdom and courage to deliver and succeed in the various assignments given to him. Anytime there is socio-political crisis in the State, it is Uche Nwosu that goes to calm the quake and turbulence, through SHUTTLE DIPLOMACY.

Also, most of those who are opposed to Okorocha’s Leadership style have to rely on the administrative ingenuity and indeed acumen of Uche Nwosu to see that rough edges are smoothened. For example, when the famous Ekeukwu Owerri Market was demolished, there was an outcry and total condemnation of the exercise in August 2017.

Infact, I was one of those who kicked against the demolition. Despite my support for the Okorocha led government, I stepped out openly to completely disagree with Governor Rochas Okorocha on his reasons for the demolition. In the confusion that followed, it was Ugwumba Uche Nwosu who moved into action and ensured that majority of the stranded traders was relocated to the two new markets located at Naze – junction and Egbeada area of the state capital. Even at that, an ultra-modern Market Project is currently springing up at the defunct Ekeukwu Owerri market site. When completed, many more traders would be accommodated and it would become a crime free market and indeed extortion free market unlike what was obtainable before. This same initiative is simultaneously being executed in most of our various markets across the state.

It therefore goes to show that in the next two years, Imo State would become an economic hub of the south-east Nigeria, displacing Anambra and Abia states respectively.

The on-going urban Renewal Programme in the state is the brain child of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu. Governor Rochas Okorocha has openly confessed that his Chief of Staff brought the idea which the state government is currently executing. Anybody who drives along Okigwe/Bank road will truly admit that the State government did a good job on that road. Same for Mbari road, on-going Douglas and Wetheral roads projects etc.

According to Owelle Okorocha, “These are initiatives of Uche Nwosu. He will perform better than me”. Unquote.
Little wonder Hon. Uche Nwosu do not feel perturbed when the so called political GIANTS descend so low to attack him. Many of these so-called “Experienced Political Leaders” who are also governorship aspirants see Uche Nwosu as an insult and embarrassment to their quest to be governor in 2019 by all means, but they forgot quickly that even the Palestinian Goliath (An Experienced Warlord) felt same way, before his shameful defeat in the hands of the “in-experienced’’ David, who eventually became Israel’s most revered King, 1 Samuel Chapter 17 verse 41 – 44.

In less than 7 yrs, Uche Nwosu has handled and lived up to the task of proving his guts and abilities. Whatever that was given to him as an assignment, no matter how challenging, he has always excelled to the shock, astonishment of his detractors and indeed to the admiration of his supporters. In his nature, he has become a rallying point for the young, helpless, less privileged and struggling population in our dear state, Imo. Today, Hon. Uche Nwosu has with his abilities and ingenuity gathered believers around him.

These are the major reasons why almost all the politically conscious individuals in the state are today using Hon. Ugwumba (Dr.) Uche Nwosu FCAI MNITP as a campaign tool as 2019 governorship election draw closer.
Indeed, the secret of the Lord God Almighty is with Uche Nwosu, for he fears him that is why God has shown him his covenant, Psalm 25 vs 14.

I do not need to add more.

I rest my pen.

Uche Nwosu as a campaign tool for 2019 Elections by Ikenna Iwuoha was last modified: April 5th, 2018 by Dumebi Ifeanyi
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