Top 7 Most Lucrative Professions in Nigeria
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Top 7 Most Lucrative Professions in Nigeria



lucrative professions in nigeria

There are many lucrative professions in Nigeria. There are several professions that thrive very well in Nigeria. Our large population is very supportive for business and several ventures.
Many people decide to take up a profession because of their passion for the career while some venture into a career because of the financial benefits.

In Nigeria, High paying white collar jobs are very few. Hence, it is pertinent for youths to define their paths in life by choosing a career that will sustain them financially and psychologically and provide them with financial stability
Building a good career takes years and mostly starts from the university days. Recently, Nigeria has faced lots of economic lows and many people are struggling to survive. In the midst of this, there are professionals who are still earning high salary at the end of every month. A young graduate who is lucky enough to land a job in any of these professions would be rest assured to be on his way to living comfortably.

In this post, we shall highlight the top 7 most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

1. Healthcare:
There are many high paying careers in the health care industry including pharmacy, dentician, optometry, nursing and medicine and surgery. They are highly respected in the society. A fresh graduate in this field has a high prospect of gaining a high paying job. They have a special salary scale and they thrive very well in the public and private settings. The careers in the health sector are the most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

2. Law
Lawyers are always in high demand and they can work in any sector. The legal profession is one of the highest paying careers in the country and Lawyers are highly respected. Lawyers in the public and private earn comfortable income and they are stable. Law is one of the most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

3. Petroleum Engineering
Jobs in the oil and gas industry are high paying both in the offshore and onshore. In fact, bagging a graduate degree job in any of the multinational oil companies or NNPC guarantees one of financial stability. Nigeria is oil-rich and petroleum related professions are the most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

4. Airline operation
Jobs in this sector are are very risky. Hence, they are paid heavily. Pilots are given special treatments and they have lots of benefits to enjoy. Pilots are one of the highest earning professionals in the country. Along side other airline operatives, they are one of the lucrative professions in Nigeria.

5. Lecturing
Nigerian lecturers are well paid. They have a special skary structure that assured them of a life time financial stability. Lecturers are in high demand and the working conditions are always very flexible. This job give time for one to develop a business and gain extra income. Lecturingbis clearly one of he most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

6. Politics
Politicking encompasses people from various fields. It is very conspicuous that there is money in Nigerian politics. Nigerian politicians are the highest earning politicians in the world. The gladiators in politics Nigeria make money from both legal and illegal sources. In politics in Nigeria, after one emerges victorious in election or bags any political appointment in Nigeria today, then he can be assured of a life time financial freedom.

7. Pastoring.
Nigerian pastors and church founders are rich. Nigerian pastors own the highest number of Private jetce in the world. Churches are sprouting every day and it is now very common to see young school leavers who decide to understudy the so called “church daddy” with dreams of starting their own ministry after receiving their “calling”. Nigerian churches are now operating more like business and there is massive competition. Open a church in Nigeria and you are assured of making regular streams of income weekly. Pastoring is indeed one of the most lucrative professions in Nigeria.

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