Top 6 most influential churches in Politics in Nigeria
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Top 6 most influential churches in Politics in Nigeria

Most influential churches in politics in Nigeria

Most influential churches in politics in Nigeria

Many dedicated Christians in Nigeria believe that politics is deceitful, hence true Christians should not be involved in Politics in Nigeria. In Nigeria, this believe is gradually defacing. It is now common for church founders and pastors to make political proclamations from the alter. The proclamations may either be in support of or against the leaders.
Nowadays, many politicians start their political campaigns in their church. Church members will always throw their support to their politician-members and Pastors will follow suite by offering politically inclined prayers and proclamations in support of their member’s political ambition.
These and more are clear indicators that Nigerian politics has invaded and absorbed the church. Churches can now influence the perception of their members towards the course of politics in Nigeria.

Pastors now preach prosperity messages and receive heavy donations from politicians.
Hence, in this article we shall highlight the top 5 churches that have big influence on politics in Nigeria.

#1 The Redeemed Christian Church of God ministries (RCCG)

The RCCG is arguably one of the most populated church right now in the country. Their branches and home prayer centres are found in almost every street in major cities. The church and her members are said to be very influential in Nigerian politics. The General overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye once declared that members of the church should get actively involved in politics. He charged them to register and get their voters card. The RCCG is known to have many members who are currently holding political offices across different stratas of the government. There are many prominent politicians who are dedicated members of the RCCG. The church owns two top private universities in the country – Covenant university and Landmark university.
Prof. Yemi Osinbajo the Vice-president of Nigeria is a resident pastor in the RCCG. He is one of the numerous politician-members in the church. Former Nigerian presidents, Goodluck Jonathan and Olusegun Obasanjo oftenly led top politicians to worship in the RCCG. Many other top politicians have once in a while worshipped and made heavy cash donations in the RCCG.

#2 Living Faith Church (Winners chapel):

The living faith church worldwide is popularly known as Winners chapel. It is one of the most populated churches in Nigeria. The winners chapel is another church in Nigeria where members are allowed to have active involvement in politics Nigeria. It is very common to find branches of this church and prayer cells in almost every street, in major cities.
Their general overaeer, Bishop David Oyedepo owns a private jet and is a close ally to many top politicians in the country. The church owns the Redeemer’s university.

The winners chapel and her members are very influential in the politics in Nigeria. Many top politicians are members of this church. The church is composed of many high ranking government officials and political office holders who make huge donations to support the church. They attract lots of followers and votes from their members. Infact, most of them starts their political ccampaign from the church. The church was once named as the largest church in the world by the guiness book of records though it was later unseated from the spot. The headquarters of the church is located in otta, Ogun state and their yearly event tagged “Shiloh” is the highest gathering of any christian congregation in the country.

#3 Catholic Church:

The Catholic church is clearly the biggest church worldwide. It has lots of key politicians in their membership books. The church and her members are very influential in Nigerian politics. Catholic church buildings are found in all sthe states in the country. The Catholic Bishop of Abuja Bishop Onaiekan once publicly charged Christians to join and make active involvement in Nigerian politics. Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka is another Catholic priest who is well known for making several politically inclined proclamations which affects the perception of the members. Many of the big wigs in politics in Nigeria are catholics and lots of their Knights are key figures in many government and political offices.

#4 The Anglican communion:

The Anglican communion is one of the largest Orthodox congregation in the country. The large population and the calibre of her members makes this church to be ranked as one of the most influential churches in politics in Nigeria. Many influential politicians are members of this church. Most notable are Former Nigerian Presidents Goodluck Jonathan and Olusegun Obasanjo. Members of this church are highly politically conscious and are actively involved in politics in Nigeria.

#5 The baptist church:
There are lots of affiliate churches to the Baptist convention in Nigeria. It is claimed that there are roughly about 14 million baptists in Nigeria. The large congregation alone ranks the baptist congregation as one of the most influential churches in Politics in Nigeria. Many influential politicians especially from the west are key baptist members. The church owns the Bowen university, one of the most notable private universities in the country. Baptist members have no restrictions in their participation in Politics.

Many people have the notion that Nigerian politics is a dirty game, some say that it is a game of deceit. Some see it as the medium for getting rich quickly. It is now very glaring that key Christian politicians gets some fraction of followership from their Church. Their Pastors and General overseers are always on ground to offer them prayers for success in their political ambitions.

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