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Top 5 states with the highest Number of lunatics in Nigeria

Lunatics can be described as people who are mentally deranged. The are out of their minds and mostly known as mad people.
It is common to find these people around the streets of major cities in Nigeria. Virtually all the States in Nigeria are littered by mad people. Our highways and major roads are endangered as a result of the high presence of lunatics. It is pertinent for key figures in Nigerian politics to protect the lives of citizens. Internal security and peace is a necessity in politics Nigeria. The rising number of lunatics is indeed a threat to internal peace and security.

It is very disheartening that in Nigeria, these lunatics are mostly allowed to move freely along the streets. They contribute a nuisance to the society as some of them might be dangerous.
In as much as all the Nigerian states have these mentally deranged people, but It has been observed that some states have it at a higher frequency than others.
In this post, we shall highlight the top 5 states in Nigeria with the highest number of insane people according a report released by the Federal ministry of Health.

#1 Lagos state
Lagos is the most populated state in the country. It is a “no man’s land”. It is very common to find these mentally sedan d people along the streets of Lagos most especially close to waste heaps and bins. Records have it that Lagos reports over 10,000 lunatics to other states yearly. Lagos is clearly the state with the highest number of lunatics in Nigeria.

#2 Abia State
Abia state is ranked as one of the state with the highest number of lunatics. It is very common to find clusters of these mentally deranged people close to the heaps of wastes in the town of Aba. The rate of lunatics in this state is relatively very high and it is undoubtedly ranked as one of the States with the highest number of lunatics in Nigeria.

#3 Kano state
Kano is the commercial centre of Northern Nigeria. The population in kano the state capital is very High and this has attracted huge number of mad people. These insane people are emptied to nearby States on regular basis. These and more have catapulted Kano to rank as one of the states with highest number of lunatics in Nigeria.

#4 Oyo State

The sight of mad people on the streets of Oyo is very appalling. For years, the influx of insane persons ha e been overlooked and it constitutes real danger to the safety of people. Oyo state is one of the states with the highest number of lunatics in Nigeria. Some of the insane persons don’t just walk along the streets, butbthey also tressspass into people’s compound begging for food and alms and some even steal food and other items.

#5 Imo State
The display of mentally deranged people are seen as “a normal thing”. It is common to find clusters of insane people along the roads of Imo. The increasing number of mad people in this state has been overlooked. In terms of the number of insane persons loitering the streets, Imo state ranks among the states with the highest number of lunatics in Nigeria.

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