Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria
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Top 5 Richest States in Nigeria



Richest states in Nigeria
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Richest states in Nigeria

A lot of Nigerians may have been wondering about the richest states in Nigeria. The GDP has been used in rating the richest states in Nigeria. Most of the top richest states in Nigeria are oil producing states and they have massive internally generated revenue. See the list below
#1 Lagos State:
Lagos is the richest state in Nigeria. They have the largest population in the country and this has helped in creation of massive employment and business opportunities. Lagos state is not an oil producing state; neither does it receive the highest allocation from the federal government. The internally generated revenue is large enough to catapult it to the top of this list as the richest states in Nigeria. Lagos state can be termed as the “America of Nigeria”. It is a no man’s land. The numbers of opportunities in Lagos state are enormous. It is very common to see fresh school leavers migrating to Lagos for greener pastures. Lagos is very peaceful, hence many international and local investors see Lagos as the destination for investment. Lagos state is a former capital of Nigeria and is clearly the most influential state in Nigerian politics. Their voting power goes a long way in deciding the direction of politics in Nigeria. Lagos state has a GDP of $33.67 billion.

# 2 Rivers State:
Rivers state is otherwise called the ‘treasure base of the nation’ simply because its productivity in Oil and Gas. Most of the multinational oil companies have their corporate offices in Port Harcourt and the general economy in the state is growing very fast. Many opportunities abound in Rivers state and it is a safe haven for investors. Rivers state is the 2nd richest states in Nigeria and the most populated state in south-east and south-south Nigeria. Hence it is very influential in politics Nigeria. The GDP in Rivers state is $21.07 billion.

#3 Delta State:
Delta state is an Oil-rich state. The city of Warri houses one of the refineries in the country. Few years ago, the state was one of the core areas affected by militancy. The state attracts many investors and it is the 3rd richest states in Nigeria. Delta state has a GDP of $16.75 billion

#4 Kano state:
Kano state is the commercial centre of Northern Nigeria. Businesses thrive well and investors are attracted to the state. Kano is the 2nd most populated state in Nigeria and it is very influential in politics in Nigeria. Kano is one of the richest states in Nigeria. Kano is not an oil producing state, but it has massive internally generated revenue due to the large number of business activities in the state. Research shows that the GDP of Kano state is $16.12 billion.

#5 Imo State:
Imo state is one of the fastest growing economies in the country. It receives allocations from the federal government as one of the oil producing states. Imo state is clearly one of the richest states in Nigeria. The GDP of Imo state stands at $14.24 billion. The state is very peaceful and is fast becoming the destination for many investors.

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