Social media: A simplified tool for participation in Nigerian politics
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Social media: A simplified tool for participation in Nigerian politics



participation in Nigerian politics

participation in Nigerian politics 300x248 - Social media: A simplified tool for participation in Nigerian politics

participation in Nigerian politics

In time past, the role of dissemination of information to people, connection of people and and mobilization of people towards a particular task was shouldered by the radio, television, and news prints.
The emergence of he social media has converged and knitted the functions of all these traditional information medium.
The social media can be described as the print media fused with the electronics media. It offers massive write ups and great video and audio new releases that can easily be downloaded by users.

In addition to information dissemination, the social media gives room for more participation in politics. In Nigerian politics the breaking news are now released first in the social handles. Most of the news feeds on Facebook and twitter are politically inclined. The social media offers a platform for Nigerians who are not opportune to partake in rallies or interviews to make their views heard. They can simply be on the know about detailed information in Nigerian politics.
Every media organisation now has social media handles which functions as the fastest medium for spreading of latest news.

Nigerians were oblivion if this fact, not until the 2015 election period when Nigerians took turns in posting and campaigning for votes. Results were constantly updated via the social media and virtually all Nigerians were on the know in the latest happening in politics in Nigeria until the very last minutes of the result declaration. The youths capitalised on the social media for informational, educational, and participatory commitments.

Activities in the politics in Nigeria is gradually gathering momentum as the 2019 elections is getting closer.
Transformation campaigns can easily be achieved via the social media. In the global world, politicians are now more vocal in the social media than in the print or electronics media. President Trump tweets more than he talks to the electronics or prints media.
In Nigerian politics, the senate president Dr. Bukola Saraki made known his defection from APC to PDP on twitter before broadcasting by the electronics and print media.

The power of the social media in influencing participation in Nigerian politics can not be undermined. Most aspirants now have social media handles and social media aides who collects useful and undiluted feedbacks from the electorates.
As the the country heads to the 2019 elections, it is imperative for Nigerians to make good use of this all important platform positively. They can now reach out to these top politicians easily via the social media. Hence, Nigerian youths should harness it for massive participation in Nigerian politics.

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