Salary of ministers in Nigeria
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Salary of ministers in Nigeria



salary of ministers in nigeria

Politics Nigeria: Nigerian ministers are members of the Nigerian executive cabinet. They are usually appointed by the President. The ministers are reposed with the task of overseeing activities of the ministries, provides report and present same during the federal executive council meeting. Most of the ministers are highly influential politicians who are widely experienced in politics in Nigeria.
Most of them are former state Governors, senators, house members, etc.
In this write up, we shall take a look at the salary of ministers in Nigeria. This is based on the current remuneration by the Revenue mobilization, Allocation and fiscal commission (RMAFC).

The revenue mobilization, allocation and fiscal commission carried out a downward review of the salary of the top political office holders. This has affected the salary of ministers in Nigeria.

Nigerian ministers are paid N487 million annually as remuneration. A break down of this shows that the monthly basic salary of ministers in Nigeria is 2,026,400 Naira. Other items of the remuneration are highlighted in the break down below:

    Basic salary is N2,026,400
    Car Refueling an d Service is N1,519,000
    Domestic Staff is N1519,000
    Entertainment is N911,800
    Utilities cost N607,920.
    Personal Assistant allowance is N506,600
    Monitoring allowance is N405,280
    Newspaper allowance is N303,960.
    Leave Allowance is N202,640.
    Tour duty allowance is N35,000.
    Estacode allowance is $900 per night
    Housing allowance is N4,052,800.
    Furniture allowance is N6,079,200.
    Motor Vehicle loan is N8,105,600.

The remuneration are paid on a yearly basis. Salary of ministers of state in Nigeria is 88 percent of what the regular ministers are paid.
It is pertinent to note that ministers in previous administration earned higher than the aforementioned amounts. The deviation is as a result of the downward review by the RMAFC. How do you feel about it? Air your view through the comment box below..

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