Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams
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Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams

Emma Nwachukwu



1 5 - Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams

Nowadays there are many cases of scams in the sphere of rental housing. Sometimes, there are even the real estate agents who can cheat. In this post, we will tell you how to find an apartment and how to protect yourself from scammers. Also, if you are looking for a house or apartment to rent, you should choose a trusted website – in order to be sure that you avoid scams. Choose a house to rent here on This way you can be sure that you will make the best deal!

Over the past year, the cost of rental housing has increased by about 15-20%. This market is under the influence of several factors, therefore the prices may fluctuate.

Nowadays, most people search for apartments on the Internet using both specialized real estate portals and regular boards. There are many proposals, but about 80% of ads are made by intermediaries.

2 3 - Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams

Realtors increase the likelihood of safe transaction, but their services will cost an average of 50% of the cost of monthly rent.

If you have decided to use the services of an intermediary, he should show you an apartment together with the landlord, and then help with the execution of the lease. The realtor should also check the documents certifying the ownership right to housing.

In the process of finding the housing you should adhere to a set of rules.

Do not pay for the services of a mediator and do not pay the owner up to the moment of the conclusion of the lease contract. If realtor is asking you to make a part payment before signing the contract, it should alert you. For example, you may find that the realtor only deal with information services and are not responsible for the process of setting a contract.

3 - Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams

Make sure that the landlord has documents proving the right of ownership. The owner must provide you with a full set of documents. Also, you should check who else has the ownership rights.

Contact only trusted real estate agents. Brokers often take care of their reputation and often work with an established client base.

If you decided not to use real estate agent services, pay attention to cost of the apartment. Generally, overly low price means that tenants will face the “surprises”. For example, it may be an old house or apartment that require repair. Low cost may indicate bad location (far away from public transport, near the railway station, market, etc.). In addition, such an apartment almost certainly won`t have necessary furniture and home appliances.

4 2 - Renting an apartment: Tips how to avoid scams

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