Real reasons why I joined to APC - Olusola Oke
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Real reasons why I joined to APC – Olusola Oke

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olusola oke - Real reasons why I joined to APC - Olusola Oke

Chief Olusola Oke has finally parted lips on his recent decampment from the Alliance for Democracy to the All Progressives Congress(APC).

Oke who contested for the governorship of Ondo state under the AD ruffled some feathers recently with his movement to the ruling party. He, however, revealed reasons why he had to leave. He told Independent;

“I had reasons to leave the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), where I had been for 15 years and served at the highest level as the national officer of the party. The reasons were not far-fetched. The long-standing absence of internal democracy, lack of reward for hard work, and above it all, misrule despite all efforts to advise the then government. I left with a mission that I would join other progressives in APC to bring about vitality in the administration of Ondo State which I cried out on daily basis. I complained that our economy was nosediving and that wealth was not being generated for our people, I complained that despite abundant and human resource in the state, poverty level continues to rise and unemployment was becoming burdensome and that if nothing urgent is done, that our economy will collapse in the state.”

“That was the main reason I joined APC; to join hands with other progressives to salvage the state. And for reasons that were all public domain which I do not intend to go back again, the primary election which we all participated was flawed. I articulated why it was so very difficult for me to operate in that kind of atmosphere, simply because I had a mission and I have a direction to do everything to reverse the dwindling fortune of the state, and to see if we can enthrone good governance, create wealth for our people and redirect the economic situation in the state, I then decided to move to the Alliance for Democracy.”

“The election had come and gone. I decamped to the AD on of October 1, 2016. The election took place on November 26, 2016. How well I fared or the AD that was not in existence fared in the election is also well known to all of us in the state and that has become part of history now.”

“Why am I back in APC? I sympathize with the situation in our country today and I sympathize with the situation in our state. No doubt, my friend and my brother, whom God favoured in that election inherited a very bad situation and having waited a year to see the vigour with which the resurgences will be pursued, I am convinced in my mind that he requires additional support and encouragement from some of us who also understand the plight of the people of the state.”

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