Professor Yemi Osinbajo the master painter by Tola Adeniyi
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Professor Yemi Osinbajo the master painter by Tola Adeniyi

Dumebi Ifeanyi



osinbajo portharcourt - Professor Yemi Osinbajo the master painter by Tola Adeniyi

There is a dilemma. Is it not better, wiser and more cost effective to pull down the dilapidated building and start another one from the scratch? What is the sense of painting a sepulcher? This building before our eyes is virtually and practically gone. And to make matters worse there are cabals with diggers and bulldozers knocking down parts of the building any time attempts are made at reconstruction.

The Master painter is undaunted. He has successfully painted the doors that have fallen apart. We must add though that the doors still need to be fixed to the frames, and the frames already perforated by ants also need fixing!

The Master Painter is set to paint the North Eastern wing of the building. This is the portion that is worst hit by the political recklessness of the occupants of the building. He has brought his paints and his handy brush is about to be put to service. But there so many thieves occupying that wing. How will his painting be effected without hindrance?

I am told he will be moving to the South-South wing of the building but he has to mind the mines and booby traps planted in his path. He is undaunted as I am told because he is also a prayer warrior. That is a bit I left out at the beginning of this narrative. Osinbajo is a prayer warrior and his wife, an Awolowo, is also a super prayer warrior. Osinbajo was set to be a successor in the Lord’s vineyard where I understand he has perfected the art and science of speaking in tongues before the lot of Vice presidency fell on his lap. Perhaps this is one of the enabling factors that have strengthened the resolve of Osinbajo to take on this painting job.

It is hoped that Osinbajo will succeed in this thankless painting job. And if my assessment of Osinbajo is anything to go by, the intellectual giant is likely to reconstruct the entire building, make it solid and enduring before quitting the stage.

There is a note of warning though. However much the building is painted and possibly reconstructed to stand, as long as it remains in the hands of the bulldozer-wielding cabal of wheelers and dealers, it will no sooner than later revert to its status as raped Fiefdom and the title of Unitary Fiefdom will stick before the eventual TOTAL and irretrievable COLLAPSE when all the components scatter.

Hearty Congratulations and Three Hearty Cheers to our serious minded but ever smiling and highly focused extraordinary Intellectual giant for a painting job that has caught headlines nationally and internationally.

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rant 300x250 - Professor Yemi Osinbajo the master painter by Tola Adeniyi