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Politics Nigeria: 5 Most Beautiful Women in Nigerian Politics



Politics Nigeria: Most beautiful Women

Politics Nigeria: Most beautiful women

Politics Nigeria: Most beautiful Women

Politics in Nigeria: Most beautiful Women

Politics Nigeria: It is an incontrovertible fact that Politics in Nigeria is dominated by the men. In Nigerian politics, the men occupies majority of the political offices in the country. This is not surprising as the pattern of Nigerian politics really favours the men. In Nigeria, politics is seen as a “dirty game”. It is characterized by thuggery, tyranny and deceit. The political environment is not very supportive for women participation in politics in Nigeria. That not withstanding, recently, women have made full participation in Nigerian politics. They vote and are.voted for. Women are now appointed into political offices. This has gone a long way in affirming the popular adage that says, “what a Man can do, a Woman can do even better”.

Politics Nigeria: In this article, we shall highlight the five most beautiful women in Nigerian Politics.

#1 Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan

Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan is a very pretty female politician from Taraba state. She had a brief tenure as the Governor of Taraba state after the 2015 election tribunal removed her opponent, Darius Ishaku from office. She is in her 50s, but stunning beauty is still very glaring. She is one of the most influential women in Nigerian politics. She served as a senator representing Taraba North senatorial district of Taraba state and is currently serving as the minister of Women affairs. Aisha is a law graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and she is a one-time Attorney general and commissioner of Justice, Taraba state. She is popularly called ” Mama Taraba”.

#2 Oluremi Tinubu:

Oluremi can easily be described as “beauty with brains”. Her beauty is accompanied with brilliance. She is the wife of APC Elder statesman, Bola Tinubu.

She is very brave. She has been in Nigerian politics since 1999 when she served as the first lady of Lagos state. Since then, she became acclimatized with the modus operandi of politics in Nigeria. Most political analysts in the country believe that it is her husband’s influence in APC that catapulted her to the upper chambers of the National Assembly. She is currently serving as a senator representing Lagos state central senatorial district. A lot of Nigerians can remember her recent rift with Senator Dino Melaye. She holds a degree in Education from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

#3 Amina J Mohammed

Amina Mohammed is a rare breed. She is intelligent, beautiful and down to Earth. Between 2000 – 2014, she served special Adviser on millennium development goals (MDGs) to three different Nigerian presidents. She is a one-time minister if environment and she spearheaded the Ogoni land oil spillage clean-up. A lot of people have attested to her calm nature which has endeared her to many. Her radiant beauty is still illuminating in her 50s. She played a key role in stabilizing politics in Nigeria during the post-2015 period. She worked as special adviser to UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon.

#4 Hadiza Bala-Usman

Hadiza is one of the few women who are contributing their quota in politics in Nigeria. She is one of the most beautiful female politicians in the country. Hardly will men look at her once. She hails from Kaduna State. She has served as chief of staff to the Kaduna state government. President Buhari appointed her director, Nigerian ports Authority (NPA). She has a degree from ABU, Zaria and a Masters degree from Leeds university in England.

#5 Aisha Abubakar:

Aisha Abubakar is one of the very few female from Sokoto state to engage in Nigerian politics. She is the minister of state, trade, industry and investments. She is very pretty and vibrant. Her natural beauty blossoms when ever she steps into any political gathering. She has a masters degree in Politics and international studies from University of Leeds.

Politics Nigeria:Highlighted above are our top 5 most beautiful women who are currently making giant strides in politics in Nigeria. The list is not in any order.

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