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Policeman Kidnaps, rapes 14 year old for 6 days in Anambra [PHOTOS]

A  rogue police officer has landed in hot soup after being accused of Kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl in Anambra state.

PoliticsNGR gathered that the mobile police officer(MOPOL) identified as Barau Garba allegedly raped the little girl till her privates ruptured. Below is a full report on the case written by Journalist, Hassan Haruna Dambatta;

“Maryam Yusuf was just 14years old, an indigene of Kano state living with her parents in Asaba, Delta state. She does attend Islamic school in cable area known as Hausa quarters in Asaba, Delta state.

Maryam was sent by her father to Onitsha form Asaba on 14th of October 2017 to buy round cotton but unlucky for her she lost the money while on transit. During her efforts to identify the vehicle she boarded, while standing by the roadside, she was approached by one corporal Barau Garba (mopol) with service number 275601 from MOPOL 7 Sokoto state who was on a special duty in Anambra, his team were attached with OKPOKO police divisional headquarters, Onitsha.

The rouge police corporal approached the teenage girl asking her of what happened, as the small girl explained to him how she lost her money on transit and her need to go back home, the policeman Barau Garba deceived her by asking her to join him on his motorcycle so that he can take her back home.

Instead of taking the teenage girl back home to her parents safely, this Nigerian police corporal decided to abduct her and took her to a temporary police base and locked her up in his room and maliciously raped her for six (6) good days. This policeman raped this teenage girl until her v*gina raptured.

For these six agonizing days, innocent Maryam was begging him to take her home but he refused. His Waterloo reached its peak when on the 5th day, in the middle of the night the innocent Maryam took his mobile phone and called her father to come to her rescue.

Maryam was taken to hospital on 25th October 2017 (yesterday) by a good samaritan because the police in accord with the DPO of OKPOKO division are not forthcoming with her case. They want to cover up the case, especially as they told the father that the issue have to be forgiven since ‘they’ both the rouge police corporal Barau Garba and them are all of northern origin.

Attached here is the hospital patient card where innocent Maryam was taken and various tests were conducted, and it was ascertained she was raped beyond human imagination and left with a ruptured v*gina.”

Policeman Kidnaps, rapes 14 year old for 6 days in Anambra [PHOTOS] was last modified: October 28th, 2017 by Segun Ige
Segun Ige

Segun Ige is a Nigerian journalist from Ogun state. Segun has worked with top newspapers in Nigeria. He is the convener of 'Free write Naija', a group keen on enhancing press freedom in Nigeria.

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  • what do they mean by Northern origin, so is it lawful to forcefully have sex with a girl child because you are from the same state. You people are evil, that is how they will rape all your female children. Bastards. so called law keepers.

  • why should people trust any force in Nigeria? imagine a police meant to save life is the one killing.
    tomorrow we may not hear it again cos it will be swept under the carpet and this killer will go free. that reminds me about SARS who is using the innocent one to replace the one that commit crime. now they are selling innocent people for rituals in the name of arrest.
    our police lacks sense of investigation or supporter of criminals in Nigeria, tell a criminal u catch that police is not involve. imaging calling police that they robbing bank and the will ask u to send money to them so they can buy fuel, if u send the money they not come until after the robbery u will see them arresting the innocent one in the name of suspects.
    it is obvious that many people in the prison today innocent but they are there cos police forced and tortured them to agree on what the know nothing about.
    if care is not taken people will see police as government armed criminal (GAC) and people will force to pick up weapon just to save their lives. let's the police be careful.
    l humbly advice government authorities to go to prison today and find out that person who committed crime is in London and they used the innocent one to replace them.

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