Photos : Daycare school under fire over pupil's injury
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Photos : Daycare school under fire over pupil’s injury

John Saleh Aminu



  • Little Doxa Etim-Esin came home with bleeding injury above her eye

  • School Management refuses to administer first-aid and blames incident on Pupil’s ‘playful’ behavior,refuses to apologize to parents

  • Pupil expelled by school management after parent’s lodge police complaint

A daycare school is currently under fire for poorly treating and handling a student who got injured under their watch. Remmok School situated at 57 Sarah Faboyede street, Bucknor estate, Oke-Afa, Isolo lagos, has been severely criticized for refusing to administer first-aid to a pupil, 3 year old Etim-Esin Doxa, after shewas injured on the brow in school.

Trouble started when the parents of little Doxa spotted a bleeding injury above her eye when she returned home from school. They quickly contacted the school demanding an explanation for their child’s injury and why it was not properly treated. To their utter surprise, the school’s management replied with an expulsion letter, adding that they could not guarantee that the incident won’t happen again.

According to human rights lawyer and founder of the Due process Associates (DPA) , Emeka Ugwuonye, who is now handling the case on behalf of the Etim-Esins, the owner of the daycare center, one Mrs. Oke blamed the child for the injury.

In his words;

“The owner of the day-care center, Mrs. Oke, issued a letter dismissing their baby from their center. In the letter written to the parents of the abused child, Mrs. Oke told them that she would not guarantee that the incident would not occur again. In other words, Mrs. Oke was bold, too bold to announce that she would continue to harm children in her school. The pictures are there to speak volumes.

When the matter was brought to DPA, I spoke with Mrs. Oke. I was instantly disappointed at this callous woman’s behavior. First, she blamed the incident on the child. She said the child was always active and running around. That was why she got injured so badly. Second question: Why did they not administer some first aid on the child? Mrs. Oke again blamed it on another parent, whom they said told them not to administer first aid.

To show her total madness, Mrs. Oke actually turned around and claimed that the wound we saw in the picture was smaller when it occurred, but that the parents of the baby used scissors to expand the wound so they could make a police report. This was what annoyed me the most. Mrs. Oke did not know that I already spoke to the parents and I asked them whether they would be satisfied if Mrs. Oke refunded the school fees they paid for their daughter. And they told me that they were not interested in money. All they wanted was an apology. This was in an effort to find an amicable solution. So, these parents were not interested in money. So, Mrs. Oke was talking absolute nonsense when she placed monetary motive on the parents.

Consistent with this criminal intent to deceive and cover up the truth, Mrs. Okay hired a journalist to peddle that fallacy.

I was disappointed in Mrs. Oke, but many people spoke to me. One lady I respect so much had called me and pleaded for Mrs. Oke, that we should let this go. Then Mrs. Oke hired a lawyer, who contacted me and was very nice and professional. In view of all things, I decided to play down this case. The Etim-Esins were not pleased. It was as if their child’s interest had been thrown under the bus.

But God has a way of pursuing justice, even when we humans want to forget too quickly. How did God bring DPA back to the case? Mrs. Oke actually run her daycare with the held of her daughters. It was her daughters that actually caused the problem. They hurt the poor little girl. Immediately, DPA entered into the case, Mrs. Oke’s daughters joined DPA. I knew when they joined. I had no reason to stop them. I assumed they came to DPA to learn and become better people. But I was wrong. The Oke daughters came to DPA to fight DPA and to obstruct DPA’s ability to help the poor little girl.

This devilish intentions on the part of Mrs. Oke became manifest two days ago, when one of the daughters, Oke Oreoluwa, attacked me in my inbox. She wrote to me as follows:

“All u know to do is to come on fb n intimidate pple. We’ve used the nation n TVC to kill ur nonsense stories on fb. Shame on you and shame on the Esins.”

You see, I had almost forgotten the incident. I had almost allowed Mrs Oke to escape from the atrocity she and her daughters committed. But one of her evil daughters, the perpetrator of the atrocity against a child attacked me. As you can see, she boasted that they had bribed journalists at the Nation Newspaper and TVC to suppress the truth. She wanted to bully me. She thought they had gotten away with it”

Ugwuonye concluded his statement by saying that  a lawsuit will be filed against the School in a week’s time.


Doxa Etim-Esin’s Injury.



Doxa Etim Esin’s Expulsion letter


Photo of Oreoluwa Oke, the school owner’s daughter that threatened Ugwuonye

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