Photo : This company requires females to kiss boss each morning
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Photo : This company requires females to kiss boss each morning

Dumebi Ifeanyi




A very bizarre and sexist company in Tongzhou District, Beijing requires its female staff to kiss their boss every morning, claiming it enhances the corporate culture and unity among staff.

Over half of the entire staff is female and they are required to line-up every morning between 9:00 am and 9:30 am to kiss their boss on the lips. Although most of the female staff are not comfortable with this practice , they eventually succumb to their boss’s strange demand in order to remain in the company. Only 2 ladies refused to take part and they subsequently resigned.

Defending the weird ritual, the boss of the company(he refused to be named) explained that he first witnessed the practice in a company in US, adding that it created great cohesion within the company as the boss and female staff could bond together like ‘Fish and water’.


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