Photo : Police arrest Norsemen cultists terrorizing Abuja
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Photo : Police arrest Norsemen cultists terrorizing Abuja

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The suspects - Photo : Police arrest Norsemen cultists terrorizing Abuja

The Nigerian Police force has arrested a group of suspected cultists for constituting a nuisance for residents of Apo district, Abuja. The men numbering about 12 were said to be members of a cult group called ‘The Norsemen’. The police recovered a locally-fabricated rifle, three machetes and a knife.

One of the suspects, Kenneth Edmond, a laundry man said that the gun found in his was given to him by another cult-member called bullion for safe-keeping. He denied ownership of the weapon. He said;

“Bullion came to my house and as we were chatting, his girlfriend called him on the telephone. So, he asked me to keep the gun for him because he was afraid that he may run into policemen. I hid the gun somewhere in the house, but the police searched my house the next morning and discovered the gun,”

Another suspect, Fidelis Ogabor, a former factory worker, stated that he joined the cult in order to raise N200,000 to start a hair saloon. He added that he went to one William for help but william said he would only help him if he became a member of the Norsemen. In Ogabor’s words;

“William lent me the money after I joined Norsemen. I have paid him N23,000, but he kept pestering me for the balance because some of the people working for me told him that I had money and did not want to pay him.On October 9, 2016, William sent two guys and I went with them to Wumba community where I met him with some other guys. They beat me with cutlasses and inflicted injuries on my hand, but when they heard gunshots from policemen, they ran away and I was able to escape. I went to a clinic to treat myself, but the police came to my shop and arrested me.”

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