PDP governor endorses Buhari for Second term in 2019
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PDP governor endorses Buhari for Second term in 2019



umahidave - PDP governor endorses Buhari for Second term in 2019

Ebonyi state governor and member of Opposition peoples democratic party, PDP, Dave Umahi has endorsed president Muhammadu Buhari for second term.

Umahi said this on Thursday while addressing state house correspondents after a meeting with Buhari.

“Any first-term governor would want to go for a second term. And if what you wish yourself, you should be honest enough to wish another person the same.

Since Mr President is doing his first term and I am doing my first term, it’s my wish to re-contest and I will as well wish the president the same to re-contest.”

The governor also stated that Ebonyi residents are fully prepared to receive president Buhari who will be commissioning some projects in the state. He said;

“There are quite a lot of projects that we have executed within these past two and the half years. We have three numbers of twin flyovers that are built across the African Tran Sahara Road running from Enugu to Cameroon passing through Ebonyi state, so we have to build three twin flyovers to decongest traffic on that road, each of the twin flyovers is 700-metre length.

We have completed two and the third one is 80 percent done, Mr President will commission the two. We also have a mall, what we call Ebonyi mall that is modelled after the famous Dubai mall.

And we intend for the president to lay a foundation stone of that mall which we will like Mr President to commission within the next 12 months.”

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  1. Ty

    November 9, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Dave Umahi,my best smartest personality of the century.he is doing everything he knows to make sure his governance and state is working fine and successful.you are a good leader who put the interest of the people of your state above your personal poltical egoism.supportting Buhari,getting what you want from the federal government.nice I Q. This is a serious lesson for those who want to have good success but lack the wherewithal unlike a governor of one of the”E” state who only have yam as their GDP but yet continue failing to know the difference between polite and construed debate and dissagree always with the presidency.inability to maintain a decoron is not an escuse to acts foolishly. God Bless umahi,God bless Ebonyi. You are so bless to be ruled by an intelligent smart governor

  2. Mai Sunsaye

    November 10, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Who does not know that the only uncompromising trait the IBO man has is selfishness on betrayal. What do anyone expect of a desperate IBO man, nothing but traitorous tendency. Stupid Dave Umahi. . .

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