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PDP: Dumping Ground or Sailing Ship?

By Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

Politics in Nigeria seems to be an amusing agenda for many observers who are indirectly not concerned about the schemes of events but for the team players and celebrated pilots of cabals, it is not a free ride, rather the political weather is gradually becoming clumsy because the polity is absolutely heated perhaps in preparation for the 2019 polls.

In the past days, the Nigerian political climate have witnessed a tsunami of defection, however, this can solely be assessed as a periodic attempt, that is not laced on the interest of the masses but on the shady pursuits of self-motivated politicians deceiving their flock of followers/supporters to win a new role.

Pundits who once applauded the messianic traits of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the 2015 elections are quick to criticise the ruling party in 2018 and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which suffered alienation and unusual bashing is now a home for all, where the prodigal sons are returning to pitch their tents in a coven they once rejected but has suddenly become the corner stone. No doubts, political interplay in Nigeria is shamefully devoid of conscience.

This is an era of a new political page scripted by a typical style of political ritual that will continue to repeat itself at the eve of every election in Nigeria except Nigerians shun the illogical undertakings of casting votes in support of party affiliation rather than voting credible candidates with impeccable traces of integrity, that can be attested by many critics and supporters alike.

In practical reality, Nigerians are not ready to swap the archaic way of electing incompetent candidates. To this end, politicians who are reputed as failures are quick to jump the fence to hide under the ‘umbrella’ for fresh air after toiling with the ‘broom’ and are unable to sweep the dirt under the rug.

It is not a healthy political romance for politicians to abandon a ‘virtous’ party, and married a harlot with many enticing looks yet they are not ashame. After three years, they return to beg and reunite with the abandoned wife because the harlot cannot begets a child. This is the picture of the current political happenings ravaging Nigeria’s democratic landmarks with a haunted seek of impunity.

PDP should beware of the repented sinners because the assurance of their full repentance is still at stake while the motives of their wild defection is driven on the wheels of egocentric quest and personified zeal. These same breed of politicians would cross carpet in the 2023 election when their interest seems to be defeated.

The recent political groupings with the PDP welcoming some celebrated class of political harlots calls for celebration and sober reflections because the deeds and misdeeds of the returnees can alter the fortunes of a party which produced Nigeria’s national leaders for 16 uninterrupted years.
The mass defection of politicians which is being witnessed in this era will define the political wave of the PDP to be renowned, either as a dumping ground or a sailing ship that berthed for four years but is back to the coast sailing to the promise land.

Indeed, the political climate is tense and the remarks of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Chairman of the ruling party concerning the exodus of its members is an attempt to feign courage in a phase of escalated threat that can ruin the limited achievements of the APC.

No doubts, the same bigwigs who absconded by joining the new political train of 2015 to give the APC a winning slide are back home to pursue their goals in anticipation of another yielding political season.

Politics in Nigeria is all about personal interest and it is a pitiable disorder that must be corrected to activate the enthronement of practical and prudently defined political practice where leaders are elected on the podium of merit and not on the margins of the political party affiliations.

God bless Nigeria!

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Dumebi Ifeanyi is a Publisher and Writer. A student of the school of Ruthless Pragmatism and a Computer Science Graduate. He is Passionate about Nigeria and has great interests in Governance and Politics.

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