Online Gifting Business: One of the fastest growing businesses
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Online Gifting Business: One of the fastest growing businesses

The elections is around the corner, many Nigerian youths would likely fall prey to the ambitious men in politics in Nigeria. These youths will accept to be used for thuggery and other forms of election crime. These politicians capitalizes on the high unemployment rate in the country to exploit these naive youths. An idle mind they say is a devil’s workshop. Most of these hapless youth are used simply because they are jobless. There exist many stay-at-home businesses that can earn these youths a fortune. One of such is the online gifting business.
There are various business ideas through which an individual can leverage on to make consistent income. The internet is a solid platform through which many people have used to launch their business ideas. One of such businesses that can easily be launched online is the Online Gifting business.
Online gifting business has to do with sending different varieties of gifts via the internet to people who are far away. As we know, a Gift is usually wrapped with a message coupled with feelings. People who are far away from their homes usually wishes to send gifts to their loved ones who are far away from them, especially during festive periods like Christmas, New year, Valentine, Father and Mother’s day, etc. The online service provider of gift sending ensures that the right gift is sent via the internet and delivered to the door stop of the recipient.
For people who are looking for an online business that will guarantee them success and less risk of failure, then Online gifting is a viable business option.
It requires little or no capital for start-up. If you don’t have a website, then you can simply open an account on Amazon or any popular e-commerce website. There, you will advertise your gifts, such as flowers, cakes, teddy bears, etc.
You should make contacts with agents in cities and countries where you wish your business to cover, so that they can aid in the gift delivery services.
Some of the leading online gifting businesses such as Ferns N petals, Indian Gifts Gallery, Archies online, Indian Gifts portal, etc have proven that online gifting has a high profit margin and that the success rate is high.
Majority of them broke even within the first one year. Some even started without capital. An outlook on how these top gifting companies launched shows that it is quite simple. For instance, the owner of Indian Gifts Gallery went into business in an unplanned manner. He is not a florist and resides in the US. He wanted to send gifts to his friends and family in India, but could not find a reliable trustworthy platform to provide the customized gifting service that could deliver in remote areas in India. He then decided to create a platform to provide such service. Lots of Indian residents in the US then flooded around him for assistance. He started charging them money for the services and later created a website to launch the business officially. Ferns N petals is also another success story likewise Archies online. The market size in this business is very large. You have the liberty to choose the countries or cities that you wish to cover.
You can start with little or no capital.
You can start even without owning a website.
You can start even without being a Florist or a cake designer.
All you need is passion! Passion is the accelerator of success in any business. Nigerian youths, make a move today and you will be amazed by your break through.

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