Nigeria: A country killing its Citizens
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Nigeria: A country killing its Citizens



Nigerians - Nigeria: A country killing its Citizens

Since around the year 2009 or before, the academic staffs union of universities (ASUU) have been advocating for the betterment of Nigerian educational system by promoting and calling for a needed holistic reform in the educational sector. These reforms are very much required in order to enhance and develop the Nigerian educational system.

The academic staff union of universities (ASUU) have for years now fought for the emancipation of education as key to the development of our country. This their patriotic action have validates the preposition of the theory of ‘education and development’ which emphasised that a country could only develop when a high number and percentage of the population are educated. Just like other elements in the society, education we all know is key to human development, is key to a country’s physical and mental correctness.

Many of the developed nations around the world were at one time and upto today at the mercy of the education abound in their various universities. These universities today remains as the bedrock of the developments of all sector recorded today in these developed countries of the first world. These universities do conduct research, study and formulates concepts that ensured the economic, social and political indices of the countries are compassed toward development and as such greatness.

But today, after all the strikes in the past by ASUU, the federal government refuses to implement various signed agreements of the past and most irritating is that of present government’s refusal to implement the agreement to the core.

I said the ‘government’ but not president Buhari, this is because to my knowledge the issue of ASUU’s struggle is only scuffled by some selfish interest within the presidency. These set of un-patrotic elements’s only interests are promoted and protected to serve their own personal ends.

These oppressors are only trying to prolong the dynamic character of reality, where the form of their domination continued today and flourished with the subsistence of the ‘have’ and the ‘have not madness that continue to polarize our society.

The elites won’t be happy for the proletarians children to get educated, so, they proliferate the demise of our dying educational system so that the opportunity to sustain control over us and their children’s control over our children is assured and ensured. How ? because education is the key to holding power and authority.

While I still hold the believe that this government of president Muhammad Buhari will before the end of its period reform the educational sector to the advantage of the ‘have not’ children. Those elements holding back the attainment of an educated Nigeria through the instrument of power in their possession should henceforth desist from such nuisance and concentrate on how they can sponsor the less privilege to get educated in some of the best universities of the world. Such gestures should not only be unconditional but apt to eliminate the detrimentals overcrowding the progress of our educational system and population.

ASUU should be commended, especially with their abandoning self centered agitations that overshadowed their advocacy in the past but now attached some concerns to the plight of the population for a better education and educational system in our country.

ASUU is now demanding a meager 23 billion for the development of our educational system, agreements have been signed but the resources are yet to be release. This is why the present government must be pro-active in the sphere of promoting our educational system.

If the militants in the Niger-Delta could get more than 40 billion for their rehabilitations and upkeep, then I believe our militants in the education sector deserved that 23 billion for the benefits of all Nigerians.

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