Many may die - Shehu Sani attacks Buhari on Failing economy
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Many may die – Shehu Sani attacks Buhari on Failing economy

Dumebi Ifeanyi



shehu sani

Outspoken senator, Shehu Sani has expressed his anger on the way the Federal government of Nigeria is handling the current economic crisis.

Sani, who is the chairman, Senate committee on local and foreign debts, openly warned the FG to immediately develop short-term measures to cushion the effects of the poor economy on Nigerians or risk the death of many before his reforms are complete.

His Exact words

“If you happen to be in a position of power, inasmuch as you want to bring reforms that are painful, you have to understand the need for you to carry the people along because if you keep on bringing reforms and continue to unleash hardship on the people, you may as well say there is a paradise but people need to be alive to reach that paradise.

“If you keep reforming and reforming and the people are suffering and dying, you may reach the Promised Land alone because by that time everyone has died. Of what use would that be?”

Goodwill of Nigerians to Buhari Waning Fast

Sani also warned that the Goodwill of Nigerians that the APC enjoyed and benefited from in the last elections was waning fast. He said;

“Let me tell you how it started, which is general with all persons who just took power in Nigeria. In 1979 and 1999, when a new president assumed office, he would have the support of all Nigerians. The first stage will be, ‘We support you; we stand by you and we are going to back you.The second stage will be, ‘We are advising you.’ The third stage will be, ‘We are cautioning you.’ At the fourth stage, Nigerians will say, ‘We are warning you.’ The fifth stage will be, ‘We doubt you.’ The sixth stage, it will be, ‘You are incompetent.’ The seventh stage will be, ‘You should go.’”

“When you study these stages, you will see that we have moved behind 100 per cent support to “advise.” And with letters flying and criticisms following, it is about “cautioning.” And I think the handwritings are on the wall for everybody to see.”

Do you agree with Sani?


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