Let’s join hands to build a better Kaduna State, El-Rufai calls on opposition
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Let’s join hands to build a better Kaduna State, El-Rufai calls on opposition

Mojeed Oladipupo




Kaduna governor, Nasir El-Rufa’i has called on the opposition to support him in building a better state.

El-Rufa’i made the call in a state broadcast on Monday after he was declared winner of the governorship election.

El-Rufa’i, who polled 1,045,427  defeat Isa Ashiru of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who polled 814,168 votes.

While acknowledging and respecting the preferences of other electorates who did not vote for him, the governor said he would listen to their concerns, but they are invited to join hands with his administration in building a better Kaduna State.

“The elections are over, and so should the divisive rhetoric that certain persons and groups chose to inject into the campaigns. It is time to come together and continue the work of rebuilding Kaduna State. Where there has been strife, let us seek calm through accord and conciliation. Where suspicion and ill-will have reigned, let us enthrone goodwill. We can do so much for the good of our state and all its people when we come together,” he said.

El-Rufai, therefore, pointed that his administration remains committed to uniting the state around common values, anchored on equal citizenship, law and order, and protection of constitutional rights.

“We are not the only diverse place on Earth. Let constructive endeavours replace the bickering and suspicion. Let us all see and value each other as human beings descended from Adam and Eve. Let us end the misuse, abuse and manipulation of religion for personal gains. Religion should be a private matter. Our identities should not become barriers to common humanity. Our doors are open to a new chapter of concord,” he enthused.

While noting that he ran for the post as an APC candidate, El-Rufai said he is leading  Team Kaduna determined to make the state stronger, to tackle poverty, to improve health outcomes to provide a decent education, to create jobs for our youths, and to secure our communities.

” We do not have time to exult in our victory. Our duty is to work diligently for our people. We shall not disappoint you. You have invested your hope in us. We shall not deliver despair. It is a new day in our state. Let us work together to make it the start of a better future.”

Mojeed is a thoroughbred and detailed photojournalist and media analyst. He is a graduate of Mass Communications from Lagos State University, LASU

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