Jubril Clone: 'Buhari May not be our President' - Oyedepo (REASONS)
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Jubril Clone: ‘Buhari May not be our President’ – Oyedepo (REASONS)

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Oyedepo - Jubril Clone: 'Buhari May not be our President' - Oyedepo (REASONS)

Founder of the Living faith Church Worldwide has said that it may be possible Nigeria is being recolonised by another African nation.

PoliticsNGR learned that in a video currently viral on social media, Bishop Oyedepo speaks on rumours that President Muhammadu Buhari may be dead and replaced by a clone.

Oyedepo quoted article written by Olatunde Dare, a columnist of the Nation Newspaper, saying Buhari could have died when he sought medical treatment in London and that someone cloned as him is currently presiding over Nigeria.

Referring to the piece, Oyedepo said the Nigerian government entered an agreement with the family of one Jubril in Sudan to give them a replacement for Buhari and that the resources of the nation is now being shared with Sudan.

The preacher said the federal government had refused to issue a statement, debunking what Dare wrote, fueling speculations that it could be true.

Watch the Video Below;


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