Alleged Herdsmen killers of Benue priests dance in Catholic Choir robes(VIDEO)
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Alleged Herdsmen killers of Benue priests dance in Catholic Choir robes(VIDEO)

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According to a political commentator, Farooq Kperoogi, the video below shows Fulani Herdsmen allegedly responsible for the killing of 2 Catholic priests and several of their church members in Benue, dancing in catholic Choir robes and playing instruments stolen from the Church.

The media personality and scholar shared the video of the herdsmen who allegedly committed the murder in Benue state on April 24th, dancing and jubilating.

Farooq who shared the purported video online wrote;

”This is a video of Fulfulde- and Hausa-speaking men, presumably cattle herders, who recently murdered 19 Benue people in their church, took over their choir instruments and church garments, and recorded themselves dancing derisorily over their murderous exploit. In this age of pervasive digital manipulation, I usually withhold credulity and judgment over videographic and photographic evidence, but this video seems to me credible. What I can’t ascertain is if the gun-toting, deliriously gyrating, Fulfulde- and Hausa-speaking men in this video are the murderers of the Catholic priests and 17 parishioners in the Mbalom community of Benue on April 24, 2018. If they are (and my hunch tells me they are) the impunity is at once conscienceless and incendiary. (Can any Fulfulde-speaking person help translate what people in the video are saying? MD Aminu, can you help?) We certainly can’t continue like this. No nation can survive this level of barbarous, unchecked sanguinary fury. The federal government MUST use this video to hunt down the murderous thugs and bring them to justice forthwith. That’s the only way to avert an endless cycle of reprisal and retaliation.”

Watch the video below;


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jude

    May 7, 2018 at 7:03 am

    Nigeria is gone, no one to stand and speak for Christians. They are celebrating the killings of our beloved Catholic priest. May God help Nigerian Christians! !

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