Retired civil servants in Nigeria: How to get busy and make money after retirement from the civil service
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How to get busy and make money after retirement from the civil service



retired civil servants in Nigeria

retired civil servants in Nigeria

retired civil servants in Nigeria

After serving the government for 35 years, some retired civil servants in Nigeria are usually perplexed on the next thing to do in order to keep theirselves busy. Working after retirement not only earns one a sizeable income, but it reduces the risk of living a sedentary lifestyle which is not good for one’s health. Being engaged in money making venture after retirement diverts one from being dependent on their wards. Are you currently in the civil service? Are you thinking about life after retirement? This article will answer those questions for you. It highlights the top 5 business ideas for retired civil servants in Nigeria.

#1 Politics Nigeria: Join Partisan Politics:

The rigours of Waking up early to prepare for work is now over. You are now free to sleep and wake when ever you feel like. Being engaged in Nigerian politics is one of the best option for Retirees with flair for politics. In politics in Nigeria, some meetings are held at night, so they will be chanced to get actively involved in it. As a retired civil servant, you can either choose to support a candidate or decide to run for a political office in your local government. If everything is done right, you can win and then use your wealth of experience in the civil service to add value to the lives of your people.

#2 Practice your profession Privately:

Some of the retired civil servants who studied professional courses can practice their professions after they have retired from the civil service. After retirement, they will have ample time and connections to start putting to use the experience that they gathered during their civil service years to develop their private firms. Civil servants who studied Law, Architecture, Surveying, estate management, Nursing, medicine, Education, civil engineering, etc can leverage on their retirement period to leave a mark in their professional endeavours.

#3 Teaching:
For retirees who did not study professional courses, they can keep their selves busy and also earn some good money by taking up teaching. They can either choose to work.for someone or do it privately by starting a school of their own.

#4 Farming:
This is a very lucrative area that would definitely keep retired civil servants in Nigeria busy and healthy. They can start planting crops in their garden and farms. They can also decide to take up poultry farming which will guarantee them steady income even at old age.

#5 Freelancing:

Retirees who are computer savvy can leverage on the boundless opportunities on the internet to make regular income. Retired civil servants in Nigeria who are good in writing can make good use of their writing skills to deliver writing services on the internet and make good earning. There are other high paying online jobs like article proof reading,editing, data entry, etc.

On the whole apart from joining politics in Nigeria, practicing their professions, teaching, farming and freelancing, there are several other options for retired civil servants in Nigeria . Readers are free to contribute to this list by adding other profitable options. As an active civil servant, it is better to have a predetermined retirement plan so that your retirement benefits can be used profitably.

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