"Buhari favours Yorubas, shortchanged the north" - Junaid Mohammed
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“Buhari favours Yorubas, shortchanged the north” – Junaid Mohammed

Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed accesses President Buhari’s Performance, attacks him for ‘shortchanging the north’.

Dumebi Ifeanyi



junaid mohammed - "Buhari favours Yorubas, shortchanged the north" - Junaid Mohammed

A former lawmaker, Dr Junaid Mohammed has ruffled feathers in the polity with his recent comments about the Buhari administration.

Mohammed recently chided Buhari for ‘disregarding the north” and ‘favouring the Yorubas of the south-west more’. He said the president had not built a single road in the north since he took power in 2015. Dr Mohammed made these statements while accessing the president’s two years at the helm of affairs.

He stated that President Buhari failed ‘woefully’ in managing the economy and wasted more time in criticising Jonathan’s administration. In his assessment, he gave the president a 50% grade score in the war against corruption and a 60% grade score in the fight against Boko Haram.He also challenged Buhari to name a single road project his administration had completed in the North since his tenure began.

In his words;

“Today, it is the South-West that is enjoying the Buhari administration in terms of key appointments and development projects like roads.He has short-changed the north.He has not done even a single road so far in the north.Buhari’s idea of project implementation is skewed in favour of the South West.This is the same thing that Jonathan did for other parts of the country excluding the South-South where he comes from.”

“I believe that he has done reasonably well but he had a lot of work to do if he must meet the basic needs and expectations of Nigerians.Nigeria needs a strong leader who practises what he says. Buhari is generally sick and this limitation has really hindered his performance.”

“He has disconnected from his party leadership, the APC, and he has problems with the legislature and the judiciary.”



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rant 300x250 - "Buhari favours Yorubas, shortchanged the north" - Junaid Mohammed