Ayade Free Carwash & Free Fuel Victory Celebration: A Misplaced Priority
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Ayade Free Carwash & Free Fuel Victory Celebration: A Misplaced Priority



It is quite sad to note that despite the 200 thousand naira given to some appointees to go celebrate in Abuja in the 9th December Supreme Court victory for Ayade is not enough. Even though a majority were given 20-50 thousand naira, they all had the opportunity to eat, drink, pop champaign, and splash some of the money on ladies.

Some slept in night clubs with hangovers the next day. A large percentage of them are still caught in celebration frenzy without any developmental idea to initiate for the State. For many of these appointees, life should just continue with different parties day in day out.

So, when I said that there is going to be another airport welcoming party for Governor Ben Ayade, many people closer to government house said it is impossible that Governor Ayade would want another airport party. But here we are again! Another airport party with free carwash and free fuel.

While we have been overtaken and beclouded by the Supreme 9th December victory, what is in stock for Cross River State? What is the mechanisms put in place to develop and deliver the dividends of democracy to the people of Cross River State?

Yes! I came to Calabar and I saw advertisement of Tinapa Rice Bonanza at 15 thousand naira. People are happy buying and this is making headline news. The question is: Where is the rice coming from? And the answer will surprise you. The rice is bought at Abakiliki and transported to Calabar.

Why do we need Abakiliki rice? Isn’t Abakiliki in Ebonyi State? Isn’t Ebonyi State a beneficiary of the Federal Government Rice Anchor Borrowers Program? Is Cross River State not a part of the Federal Government Rice Anchor Borrowers Program? If Cross River State is part of the program, then why import rice from Ebonyi State? Where is our part of the Federal Government rice anchor borrower’s funds? Why didn’t we use it to develop rice farms like Ebonyi? Is it the funds that being used to buy rice to sell to the public instead of cultivating rice?

These are some of the things that the Cross River State government should have been worried about. But like always, they don’t care. All they want is another airport party with free carwash and free fuel for a selected few.

How these free carwash and free fuel party will put food on the table of people in Cross River State is yet to be explained. How does it benefit those without cars? How does this affect the lives of millions of farmers in the State, especially those in the rural areas?

I thought we should have been humbled by the grace of God over the victory judgement of the Supreme Court last week. But then, humility means different things to different people.

Ifere paul is a seasoned journalist and private investigator.

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