6 Dirtiest states in Nigeria
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6 Dirtiest states in Nigeria



dirtiest states in Nigeria

dirtiest states in Nigeria 300x192 - 6 Dirtiest states in Nigeria

dirtiest states in Nigeria

The states and federal ministries of environment have been intensifying efforts to ensure that Nigeria is clean and green. Despite this, a lot of States in Nigeria are still very dirty. There are states where people defecate at will and some states are littered by industrial wastes.
In this post, we shall highlight the 5 most dirty Nigerian states. Emphasis and indicators were the waste disposal techniques.

1. Ekiti state

Ekiti is surely the dirtiest state in Nigeria. Over 50% of their residents defecate openly with heaps of human wastes on the road sides. A survey by Community-led Total sanitation (CLTS) ranks Ekiti as the state with the highest frequency of open defecation. It is believed that 1.8 million residents out of about 2.7 million people are engaged in this act.

2. Abia state
Majority of the locally produced items in Nigeria are manufactured in Aba, Abia state. The state has a very poor waste disposal system. Heaps of industrial and human waste are usually found in Aba. Abia state is clearly one of the dirtiest States in Nigeria and usually exchanges the position as the dirtiest state in Nigeria with Ekiti. The erosion level in Abia state is very alarming.

3. Lagos state

The nation’ commercial capital is ranked as one of the dirtiest states in Nigeria. Many industries are resident in Lagos. Lagos is highly influential in Nigerian politics due to its population. Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria. This and the massive industrial activities have made the waste management system in Lagos a very cumbersome task. Many of the ghettos and suburbs areas are very dirty.

4. Anambra state
Anambra is very dirty. Nnewi, Onitsha and other adjourning cities are filled with heaps of solid wastes. The residents are widely known for random throwing and dumping of wastes by the road sides especially around motor park areas.

5 Kano state
Kano is one of the dirtiest states in Nigeria. It is second to Lagos in terms of.population and also the commercial centre in Northern Nigeria. These factors have contributed to the poor waste management system in Kano.

6 Ogun state

The gateway state is also one of the dirtiest states in Nigeria. This is attributed to the fact that it is the industrial layouts extends to parts of Ogun state. The state lacks a systematic ease disposal system and this poses a very serious challenge for the residents to dispose their wastes. Dirtiest states in Nigeria

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