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Top 6 Businesses that will receive a boost before, during and after the 2019 elections period

2019 is another significant year in Politics in Nigeria As activities leading to the climax of the 2019 elections are gathering momentum, there is no doubt that there are lots of businesses that thrive very well during this period of massive activities in Nigerian politics
Electioneering activities is also a very big threat for some businesses and such businesses will struggle to survive during the period.

In this article, we shall highlight the top 5 businesses that will receive a boost during this period of enormous activities in politics in Nigeria

The health sector market has always grown and will always continue to grow as the health sector services are always very relevant across all seasons not minding the economic or political state of the nation. People will always fall sick, so the there will always be a constant need for the Health workers, Patent medicine vendors, Pharmacists, etc. This is clearly one of the businesses that will receive a boost during the election period.


Food is always a priority for every body. People may decide not to embark on any other project, but certainly they MUST eat! Even if the price of food stuff are raised, people will always buy. Food is always the first and the most important need for everyone according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Food stuff vendors will still make their millions during the 2019 general elections periods as people will still buy food stuffs not minding the general increase in the price. Selling of food stuff is one of the businesses that will receive a boost during the election period.

People will always have urge for sex no matter the economic and political situation. Teens and young adults will always have sex and will play safe to choosing to use contraceptives. Research shows that commercial sex workers gain more patronage during electioneering periods. Hence the need for contraceptives.

Death is inevitable, no man can control the rate of death. People die every day, hence the Funeral services sector is not affected by the elections as people will always want to give their departed loved ones a befitting burial. This is another of the businesses that will receive a boost during the election period.


There is always a need for people to travel from place to place. A lot of internal movement will take place within and outside the country during this election period. It is usually glaring that in Nigerian politics, top supporters of the aspirants usually show their solidarity by mobilizing to attend campaigns in cars, buses, etc.


This sector will surely receive a boost. The last minute political drama, intermittent defections and impeachments are some of the issues that will make up the period preceding the general elections. Newspaper companies, broadcasting stations and online bloggers are likely to make more more money from the news in addition to massive advertisements and campaigns for votes.

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