Corrupt practices in Nigeria that needs a boost
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4 key Areas where Nigeria needs a boost



corrupt practices in Nigeria

corrupt practices in Nigeria 300x242 - 4 key Areas where Nigeria needs a boost

corrupt practices in Nigeria

It is very glaring that corruption has absorbed all the sectors in Nigeria. Politics in Nigeria is characterised by bribery, thuggery and all forms of corrupt practices. This corruption in Nigerian politics has virtually crippled the growth in other sectors of the country. The course of fighting for corruption and maintaining a corruption free government has been the core mandate of the Buhari-led administration.
In this post, we shall highlight the four key areas where the president should amplify this corruption fight.

#1 Security

The security threat in the country is of massive concern. The rampage by Fulani herdsmen, the boko haram and other internal security issues have to be dealt with in an incorrupt way. Security issues are of prime concern. The security issues should be treated quickly so that Nigerians can live freely in any part of the country.

#2 Electricity
There have been a significant improvement in the power sector, but a lot is still left to be done for Nigeria to be at par with other advanced countries in the world. PMB should intensify efforts in ensuring that all forms of corrupt practices by the power holding companies are reduced to the least. This sector is characterised with corrupt practices in Nigeria.

#3 Education
There are so many lapses in the Nigerian education system. It is filled with corrupt practices in Nigeria. The standard is below par when compared to other top African countries. Corruption has absorbed the education system. The academic staff, non-academic staff and the students are swimming in the oceans of corruption and bribery. Top government officials and politicians have given deaf ears to the dwindling state of the Nation’s education system. It is very Paramount for PMB to curb the trend by fighting the corruption that has raged the education system.

#4 Infrastructure:
The road network in Nigeria is very poor. State Governors, ministers and contractors are playing politics with contracts. It is one of the areas swamped in corrupt practices in Nigeria. More funds have to be channeled into the Nation’s infrastructure and when that is done, concise monitoring should be carried out to ensure that the funds are not diverted and that the jobs delivered are not substandard. Infrastructure drives more investment and development. Hence, it has to be given ample attention in the corruption fight.

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