2019: There is a plot to technically knock-out Buhari in 2019 - Senator Marafa
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2019: There is a plot to technically knock-out Buhari in 2019 – Senator Marafa

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Marafa - 2019: There is a plot to technically knock-out Buhari in 2019 - Senator Marafa

The chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum, Senator Kabiru Marafa (APC, Zamfara) has revealed in a recent interview that there was a plot to technically knockout President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

He made the revelation while responding to a question about the Parallel APC Congresses organized in Zamfara. He told Daily Trust;

“To me, after looking at the whole congresses, the way it started – you know what the party did and everything – to me there is massive conspiracy against the party and against the leader of the party that is the president of the country.

If you look at the first scenario, some people just came up with the idea of one-year extension for the members of the National Working Committee (NWC), the president was advised that that extension was illegal and it will portend serious problem for the success of the party. The president put his feet down and said we should go for elective congresses or consensus where possible.

The party came up with guidelines on how these congresses should be conducted, but the same party that produced the guidelines was the first to break the rules.

In one of the clauses in the guidelines, they said forms should be filled and returned within 24 hours. But the NWC of the APC didn’t even meet the committees until Thursday evening.

The committees started going to their stations on Friday. They said if you are desirous of contesting pay your monies into some accounts.

They gave us seven accounts and said: “pay this amount, collect forms and return them, 24 hours before election”.

Two things; they didn’t give the committees the forms to go to the state with them. Secondly, there was no clear 24 hours to collect the form, fill it and return it. The whole thing was a kind of sabotage. Something that will be rancorous, breed parallel congresses, and a set of executive will be established for each state. The whole thing comes to just one thing, sabotage.

Like in Zamfara now, we had parallel congresses – we now have two sets of executives, one by the state government and another by me. I have followed due process from beginning up till where we are now. But the state government didn’t because they have security apparatus at their disposal.

As far as I am concerned, there are some people within the NWC that are desirous of scuttling the processes thereby endangering the electoral success of the APC.

They may rule against me on the case I made to the appeal committee for instance, but one thing I’m sure of is that the court will rule in my favour.

You can take this scenario and put it in several others states. If the states are more than half of the total delegates that will vote in any convention, maybe the presidential candidate will be determined, after the primary election and there are going to be pre-election cases and the courts will definitely do the needful looking at the massive evidence against everything.

The governors didn’t even comply with the provision of the guideline to pay monies into accounts, they were simply allocated forms. I paid, my people paid. I have my receipts and I have everything.

The net effect, the final result, to me, is that there are people out there who have long concluded that they cannot beat the president in normal elections so what they are looking for is technical knockout; to plan something that could be challenged in court, that will nullify any election.

Unless the party does what is right, unless the leaders at the top look at these things well; know what the people are up to, and who the people are, there is going to be a problem.”


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