2019 Elections: How to beat Buhari, Retire Obasanjo
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2019 Elections: How to beat Buhari, Retire Obasanjo



For those who were ululating and sharing all manner of recycled anachronistic literature because of OBJ’s missive to PMB, I told you.

The two retired generals are what they are, retired generals. They are strategic and smart and know how to get stuff done their way, even if it could take four attempts, in the case of PMB. Buhari and Obasanjo Now, are these guys the best we can find, hell No! Have they done well for themselves and the country? I’m of the view they’ve done more than many.

That said, it’s now time for them to quit the stage, empower others, preferably younger, more talented, more educated, more exposed and more globally-minded people-who have the passion like they do but have more energy, intellect and capabilities.

It is neither ironical nor hypocritical that while   there’s a clamor for the youth to take over leadership, old people like Trump of the US, May of the UK, Merkel of Germany and our own PMB are still in Office attending meetings with the likes of Macron, young enough to be their son! Young people can only take over by deliberate, affirmative action. At the risk of sounding repetitive, let me say again here that power is taken not given. If the youth of Nigeria want to take over, they must show more seriousness.

They will have to take it, snatch it if need be. They must get off the keypads of their mobile devices and from behind their computers and get involved.

The constitution allows every qualified citizen just one vote, but you can get more than one person or even a million votes your way, if you work for it-and become an influencer. You do that by joining a political party, investing part or all of your time and building a network across the area you want to control. That’s something politicians patiently do. And some of you think they are stupid. No, they are not. When I read some otherwise intelligent people say they (or even poor me) are better than PMB, I laugh. I shake my head. Many who talk that way are not even registered voters or known party men and women.

How then do you want to beat PMB? You haven’t left your mobile device in months to travel round your local government much less your state. You don’t know who’s representing you in the state assembly or National Assembly much less have their contacts.

Your friends and associates are basically your classmates and townsmen. How do you want to do it? Beat PMB? Or retire OBJ. By the way, was Donald Trump the Best America could get? Did you watch him demolish his rivals in the Republican Party and   then go ahead to shock the “better prepared Hillary”? My friend let’s get real. Y

ou’ll have to win votes, millions of votes, not high-sounding   grammar and fitted clothes and designer shoes. Politicians, with all their imperfections, invest seriously in the enterprise. It’s not a laughing matter or a subject of too much grammar. If so, PMB could not have been president again. Even GEJ, perhaps the most qualified of them all, would have been dropped due to his public speaking challenges. Those are not the real thing. Getting on the ballot and winning elections are the hard part of the whole game.

Not social media commentary. Look, agreed we need to take over. Guys, we need to get serious. Let’s go, First and foremost, register. Then, we start mobilizing people and advocating for good candidates and actually investing some of our time and resources in them. Last time, I had to go from Ikoyi to check into a hotel in Yaba(where I registered) and spent the night there so as to vote the next day-in view of the restrictions of movement. There must be sacrifices.

Let’s not waste previous time quarreling over PMB and OBJ or any other politician for that matter. Let’s stop spreading falsehood and hatred. Rather let’s start building bridges and networks with which to get rid of these guys. We saw it work, when we wanted GEJ out. The same can happen, if we truly want PMB out. But we must replace him with someone of our dreams!!! These guys are friends, playing a game. After OBJ contributed “immesally” to GEJ colossal loss to PMB hasn’t the latter gone to visit him severally at home? After OBJ’s “bomb” at PMB are they not the ones laughing heartily in this Addis Ababa photos? Let’s get serious folks and change our country.

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