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Restructuring: The existence of Nigeria is negotiable – Gov. Dickson

seriake dickson petition - Restructuring: The existence of Nigeria is negotiable - Gov. Dickson


Restructuring: The existence of Nigeria is negotiable – Gov. Dickson

In a reaction to the several agitations for secession coming from all corners of the country, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa state believes that the Unity and existence of Nigeria is negotiable.

Dickson, in a recent interview with journalists in Yenogoa, had this to say;

Well for me, having a large nation like Nigeria is an advantage. Large population in size and enormous resources that are really embedded in each and every state in this country. Look at the farming belt, everywhere is green. So between one state and another, you can actually have massive mechanized farms. This country has no reason to be poor. It is a blessed country.

I am not even talking about what is under the soil, and our rich human resource base and I have always made this case even to my people in spite of the anger, the sense of marginalization that they justly feel. I have continued to make a case, as I do to our youths, that there is an advantage in staying in a large and diverse family.

Quite frankly, the greatness of Nigeria does not only derive from oil and mineral resources. The greatness of our country is a combination of all of it including its diversity and complexity. But we must create a stable and fair country. Nigeria must be founded on fairness and justice and equity. We must build a nation of compassion and a nation of love and truth, not a nation of oppression or deceit. Right now the foundation of this country is fraudulent and we should not run away from saying it as it is. Really it does not do anybody any good to perpetuate this unworkable structure.

Therefore, those of us who are in support of restructuring are making the case for a sustainable and stable and fair Nigeria that can endure for the next 400 years and going forward.

Few years from now, we will be one of the most populous countries in the world and only God knows what is possible if only we can have a stable Nigeria where citizens are not at each other’s throat for the right or wrong reasons. In this state or region, anybody who says that the existence of Nigeria is not negotiable is not telling you the truth.

But as I keep saying, the existence of a big and strong diverse nation called Nigeria is desirable. But like anything human, its terms and conditions cannot be absolute and cannot be perfect. Therefore, nation building is a work in progress and so we must continually examine the basis upon which we are going to have this big beautiful nation but with a mindset to making it more perfect.

I want fairness for everybody; for my people and myself. I do not see why this state will have eight local government areas when it takes me three days to go round a local government area and you make the number of local governments a basis for distributing the wealth that I produce; you take away the resources by legislations using military decrees to which our people never made input.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sunny

    August 12, 2017 2:48 pm at 2:48 pm

    My brother everything go to north KANU have 57 local government, so if u chair Nigeria wealth, north have about 70 percent, and they are contributing nothing to d economy.

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