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FRSC gives reasons for drivers License issuance problems

The FRSC stated reasons for the recent difficulties experienced in acquiring or renewing drivers licences in the country.

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frsc - FRSC gives reasons for drivers License issuance problems

The Federal road safety commission has responded to complaints against the process of obtaining/renewing of driver’s licenses. The commission has released a statement on the matter.

It reads;

We quite acknowledge the pains some people undergo to get captured for LICENSE and the delay in obtaining the permanent Driver’s License. The Corps effort is geared towards ensuring we have a safe motoring environment by putting some checks in the driver’s LICENCE application process. We hope to keep improving in all the processes.

Some of the delays are as a result of the following:
1. Gender error
2. Wrong phone numbers
3. Multiple driver’s LICENCE number for one applicant etc
Ensure your details are correct when processing your driver’s LICENCE and avoid multiple application while we hope to deliver a better result.
For any complaints, call 122 or send your complaints to [email protected]

We love you all.

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