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”Southwest is one of the least beneficiaries of the 2017 budget” – Fayose

fayose budget - ''Southwest is one of the least beneficiaries of the 2017 budget" - Fayose


”Southwest is one of the least beneficiaries of the 2017 budget” – Fayose

  • Fayose tackles national budget,urges investigation into $1 billion eurobond

Ekiti governor, Ayo Fayose has expressed his dissatisfaction with the allocation the 2017 national budget. Fayose, who hosted the south-west governors meeting on Monday in Ado-Ekiti, stated that the south-west was among the least beneficiaries of the 2017 budget.

Quoting him;

”In the 2017 federal government budget, the Southwest is one of the least beneficiaries.

The federal government 2017 budget is about N7 trillion and the only capital project allocated to Ekiti State is the Akure – Ado Ekiti road to which N250 million was earmarked. What can N250 million do on Akure – Ado road that is begging for reconstruction? There is even no guarantee that the N250 million budgetary provision will be made available at the end of the day. I am sure this is applicable to other states too compared to other zones.

We must therefore ask pertinent questions. How much did the federal government allocate to irrigation, construction of dams and storage facilities to boast agriculture in the Southwest?

We must equally take collective interest in the annual national budget to ensure that states in the Southwest are adequately catered for. This we must do by using our technical people to study the budget and make inputs on our behalf”.

He also asked for an inquiry to be made into the details of the $1 billion Euro bond as it will affect the future of the southwest.

He said;

”I will want us to look into is the federal government $1 Billion Eurobond, re-payment of which is to be made from source (before accruing to the federation account) and expected to last till 2032.

As representatives of the people of the Southwest, whose future will be affected by this $1 billion Eurobond, I expect that we look beyond party politics and ask questions as to the beneficiaries of the bond, its repayment and what the Southwest will benefit from it.

We must therefore constantly engage our representatives in the Federal Executive Council (FEC) and the National Assembly and impress it upon them that they must use their positions positively for the zone.”


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