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2019 elections : Afenifere to resist parties without restructuring

afenifere - 2019 elections : Afenifere to resist parties without restructuring


2019 elections : Afenifere to resist parties without restructuring

Ahead of 2019 general elections, Yoruba leaders are set for war with politicians and political parties in Nigeria over restructuring of the country.

They noted that the Yoruba in future elections will reject any candidate who doesn’t have clear plan for Nigeria’s restructuring.

Information gathered from multiple sources that some Yoruba leaders are not happy with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) administration over its stand on the issue of restructuring and the president’s refusal to implement the report of the 2014 National Conference, which many leaders of thoughts strongly canvassed for.

An investigation by New Telegraph reveals that the Yoruba pan social-cultural organisation, Afenifere, who is one of the main groups championing Nigeria’s restructuring and review of the 1999 Constitution, will be meeting today with all political leaders in Yoruba across all political lines to discuss restructuring of Nigeria.

The meeting, holding in Akure, is believed to be part of the group’s strategy ahead of the next general elections to ensure that all politicians buy into their demand for Nigeria’s restructuring, new constitution and promoting fiscal federalism in the country.

Confirming the meeting to New Telegraph in an exclusive interview yesterday, a top chieftain of Afenifere, said the Yoruba leaders were more concerned about Yoruba nation and that was why they wanted to ensure that any politician or political party they want to support in 2019 must speak clearly about the restructuring of Nigeria. “Afenifere will meet with all Yoruba political leaders on Tuesday in Akure.

The meeting is not about 2019 general elections alone, it is about Yoruba nation. The major issue for Yoruba leaders is that without restructuring of Nigeria, we are not going to support anybody in 2019. Any politician who will earn our support in 2019, must speak clearly about restructuring of the country,” he said.

Also speaking to New Telegraph about the meeting and its importance to Yoruba agenda and restructuring of the country, another Afenifere chieftain, who is a renowned Awoist, declared that Yoruba leaders will not support any candidate who is not ready to restructure Nigeria.

“All Yoruba leaders irrespective of their political affiliation are invited to the meeting and the key issue is to discuss restructuring of Nigeria. We are not satisfied about governance in the country and that is why we are championing for restructuring. We need to restructure Nigeria and without restructuring, there is no way we can go further.

“We are not going to support anybody or political party in 2019 unless they have plan for restructuring of Nigeria and new constitution to correct all the awkwardness in our system.

We believe there is need for restructuring of Nigeria because at presence, there is no viable structure under which any political party can govern Nigeria because the country is being governed by fraudulent document.

“With the present state of the country, we don’t believe that any political party can do well in 2019, until the country is restructured and there is a new constitution in place. What we are particular about now is restructuring of the country,” he said.

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