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26 lessons learnt from Nigerian Politics by Dumebi Ifeanyi

Emma Nwachukwu



nigerian politics - 26 lessons learnt from Nigerian Politics by Dumebi Ifeanyi

Nigerian politics as we all know is full of theatrics and interesting personalities but in all its beauty there lies a fact which can’t be disputed anywhere; its a very dangerous game…its an arena where only the smart and incredulously wealthy can thrive!

Here are 26 things i learnt from observing those successful in it;

Lesson one : The game is all about interests…..In politics…if you have an agenda….you must relate with people who can ensure its proper execution….and to get them on board…you must find a way to fix their various interests into that your agenda.

Lesson Two : Pick your enemies wisely. Never involve yourself in a battle if it never benefits you.

Lesson three : Have a platform.Every king needs to be crowned, locate the kingmakers and gain their favor. Find out who can help you obtain the political goals you want and ally with them.

Lesson four : Never underestimate your enemies.

Lesson five : In politics, You have more to fear from friends than enemies.

Lesson Six : Be friends with those who can come after you or be important to them (such as contributing to their campaign). Get the people with the power of the law behind them on your side.

Lesson Seven : Do not apply a moral compass when dealing with people who have no moral compasses or do not understand morals. In other words, there are no morals in politics.

Lesson eight : Be level headed and always informed. Have background information on everyone you deal or about to deal with.if possible..Develop an intricate network of spies.

Lesson nine : Develop ‘infrastructure’ for offense and defense.

Lesson ten : Never forget the people you have to serve/represent when you get into office. Work hard to get the people/constituents on your side by giving generous handouts, donations, sponsor some to go abroad. Avoid the hatred of the people. This is necessary as it can provide insurance for your position in-case plans with your kingmaker go awry.

Lesson Eleven : Grassroot politics is the best kind of politics.

Lesson Twelve : Spend time to gather/develop your NNI (Nigerian Native intelligence). You cant learn this from books or write-ups. You learn it from the streets..

Lesson Thirteen : One man’s gain often rests on another man’s pain.

Lesson Fourteen : The Terrain determines the mode of travel. Tough situations require tough decisions. Be resilient.

Lesson Fifteen : Ruthlessness is necessary in dealing with most situations.

Lesson Sixteen : Tailor your actions after cultural & community traditions.

Lesson Seventeen : Standout and have your own style of dressing/appearance.

Lesson eighteen : Develop a steady flow of resources especially money.

Lesson nineteen : In politics, Bribery is legal

Lesson Twenty : Be religious….make sure pictures of you praying/ worshiping in mosque/church is released to the media and made available for all to see. infact..when making public statements..warp them with scriptures.

Lesson Twenty one : Have a think tank/strategy team, made up of lawyers and industry experts.

Lesson twenty two : Handpick your security detail, know everything about them…including how they sleep and the colour of their bedsheets.

Lesson twenty three : Make yourself indispensable to your allies. Prove your political relevance.

Lesson Twenty four : Never judge people by appearances or words, Judge them by the results of their actions.

Lesson Twenty five : When trying to convince people or get them to support you, find out their interests..speak in terms of their interests. The results will marvel you.

Lesson Twenty six : Work hard and develop a reputation of keeping your word.

PS : These are observations made, I don’t endorse all of them.

For those who would like to republish or repost…kindly give credits…thanks!


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