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We are open to peace talks – PDP to Sheriff

Efemena Sowho



modu sheriff - We are open to peace talks - PDP to Sheriff

The attention of the Leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been drawn to media reports again making the round that Sen. Sheriff and Co. is ready to make peace. For the umpteenth time, let us re-iterate that we are not averse to any peaceful resolution of the ongoing intra-party conflicts between the Party and the Special Interest Group led by the former Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

2. The PDP leadership made up of all the organs have demonstrated unbridled willingness overtime to settle peacefully all matters relating to the crisis brought about by the Sheriff led group and as such, we are demanding that the aggrieved persons/group should stop forthwith from personalizing the matter to Senator Makarfi and Senator Sheriff.

3. For the Record, the National Caretaker Committee was Inaugurated at the May 21st National Convention in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; and therefore, any attempt by any group or person(s) to say or think that Makarfi is the issue is not having full knowledge that the Convention as the Highest Decision-making Body of the PDP with the absolute powers to dissolve and elect or appoint/inaugurate national officers. Consequently, it is the Only Body that can rescind its decision(s). Any action(s) of NEC is/are on National Convention’s behalf to ratify or reject.

4. It is equally noteworthy that Senator Sheriff refused Inauguration of the 30-man Committee agreed upon by both parties for the peaceful resolution of the conflict to be held at Transcorp Hilton Hotel about two months ago. We believe he is playing to the gallery. If not, why is he calling off and on for impracticable peaceful negotiation that has caused the Party’s loss of the Edo and Ondo States Gubernatorial Elections and some other previous elections in the Country.

5. For a man who claims to seek peace and fight against impunity, his actions so far are indeed contradictory. Nigerians are aware of how he has been manipulating the Judiciary to delay justice against the Party; even as a Plaintiff, he prays the Court to delay the Case which is unprecedented in litigation processes. Again today, Senator Sheriff and Co stalled the Appeal Court hearing because with a 3rd petition to the NJC against the Special Appeal Panel claiming that the Panel is biased and corrupt. Can such a man be ready for peace with his Party? We doubt it!

6. We wish to stress that the National Caretaker Committee led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi is ready and willing to settle all issue amicably with the Ali Modu Sheriff Group in the interest of peace and total reconciliation in the Party. But he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Again, we are ready for total reconciliation with Modu Sherrif Group or any other group that is aggrieved for that matter; only if they will come to the Negotiating Table with genuine intention.

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