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APC has no political pedigree – Doyin Okupe

Emma Nwachukwu



vrv - APC has no political pedigree - Doyin Okupe

Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has labelled the ruling political party, APC, a party without political pedigree. In a lengthy piece, Okupe also shed light on the rumoured mega party that is being formed by disgruntled political topshots.

Okupe wrote;

The news is rife that a new mega party or what is generally referred to as a third force, is in the offing. This situation has become so because of the prevailing assumptions that the two main parties no longer give confidence and hope to the generality of the populace and may have actually become impossible to salvage. The veracity of this assumption is undoubtedly questionable but what is not questionable is the fact that this is the perception of a majority of our people. It is said however that in politics, perception is reality.
It is interesting and sad that in Nigeria, political parties which are essential institutions to growth and democratic advancement in modern societies are like disposable syringes. They are used once to deliver a specific medication at an prescribed time and discarded wantonly thereafter.
This sad narrative is probably due to, amongst other reasons, the nature of the evolution of our country, our post independent history, the effects of long period of military rule, the character of the political elites who took over power from the military, and perhaps the excessively lucrative nature of the vocation itself.
The Pdp would have been a perfect model of a political institution for an emerging third world democracy, due to the fact that it was formed by an overwhelming national consensus, not patterned around the usual individual or regional ownership of political parties or association. No doubt, poor leadership, lack of clearly defined and structurally entrenched ideology, and being subsequently overburdened by greed and its own portion of the pervasive national corruption, finally conspired to bring the roof down.
The Apc on its party has no known political pedigree or antecedent and was hurriedly put together to take power from the pdp government. There was no adequate time for the various tendencies within it to fuse and come into some understanding that would have allowed for a measure of internal cohesion to exist, so that in time if strife or stress, the party will have a bonded framework that will ensure stability.
Now even members of pdp, apc and the general public are yearning for a new party. Typical of we politicians, we are once again about to form new parties the same way the failed ones were formed, with very little regard for deep and reflective thinking.
Our definition of mega party does not include, a robust manifesto that clearly identifies the needs of our people, our objectives and goals as a nation, and a verifiable and realistic road map of how to get there. Neither does it include identifiable errors of the past, and a prescription of how to correct them. It also does not include the various socioeconomic and structural challenges we face as a nation and a value proposition on how to overcome them.
We rely on Mega personalities and Mega Names to form New Mega Parties bedevilled by old Mega problems.
In 2019 and beyond, the issue of political restructuring will be at the center point of discussion and will be a critical factor in determining the way forward. Therefore the evolution and development of geo political zonal consensus will be necessary precursors to the emergence of any enduring, stable and galvanising national political platform.
Each geopolitical zone must first work internally to evolve its own consensus based on its shared core values and established political interests. It is these considerations that its leaders will put on the table before the leadership of other zones who share their common goals, principles and objectives. It is from these resource pool that a national elitist ideology and consensus will evolve and which shall form the basis of a true and enduring National Party. For the avoidance of doubt I am not advocating that the formation of national parties is a must, neither I am saying that there is anything wrong in the existence if regional, provincial or zonal political parties which can be the building blocks if a grand national alliances as we see in other democracies of the world including Israel and others.
Parties that a formed by individuals, or a clique, or for some group interest, or by political or national icons, or around presidential aspirations of individuals or sections of the country, will never serve the overall interest of Nigeria or its people. They may prevail for a while, but they will not endure. All they will do is to serve the interests of the founders and slow the wheel of socioeconomic economic progress and advancement of the country.

Okupe made headlines early this year when he was pictured prostrating and rolling on the floor,pleading with ex-president, Olusegun Obasanjo for ‘disobeying’ his ‘orders’.

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