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“African leaders need to stop the blame game” – Awolowo blows hot

Emma Nwachukwu



awolowo - "African leaders need to stop the blame game'' - Awolowo blows hot

Princess Marian Awolowo has called on African leaders to stop the ‘blame game’ in affairs involving their countries. In a statement she released, she says;

In any political space, any sensible leader will ensure he or she is surrounded by dedicated people. This is what would make or break the leader. This crucial step is the laying of the solid foundation. It is the unto thy self be true in Politics. It is this honesty that will make so much determinations about whether the leader survives or not. As the case goes for Nigerian Politician, my observation is that many are surrounded by aides, friends or families who are not brutally honest with them. It explains why majority can not deliver sustainable projects at the end of their tenure. Intellects are replaced by touts and gangsters or in some cases friendly enemies.

Laziness to research is another major disaster that have resulted in their inability to know what or who are honest and who are not. For example, a liar goes to report a case and instead of a leader to start an investigation that should involved the complainant and the respondent, the leader chose to mainly rely on the liar who compile files for his or her own selfish gains. After wasting several months and years, no case would be brought against the complainant and no respondents are necessary because the whole file was initiated based on lies by the liar. The leader feels the shame but it is too late, the liar goes home more richer than anyone else while the leader is left in his or her own guilt or lack of. This is the case so many African leaders are facing day in day out and ordinary Africans are left to suffer the consequences.

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