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Shocker! Radio listeners Slam Magu over arrest of Innocent man (Photos)

breke2 - Shocker! Radio listeners Slam Magu over arrest of Innocent man (Photos)


Shocker! Radio listeners Slam Magu over arrest of Innocent man (Photos)

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has come under fire for deliberating misleading and then arresting an innocent man.
Information gathered on a popular reality radio programme called Berekete Family/Hembelembe anchored by  Mr Ahmed Isah (popularly known as Ordinary Ahmed) and broadcasted on- Love FM 104.5 from 8:00am daily at Sheriff Plaza, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja,  states that things “started sometimes a year and three month ago, when the complainant, Mr Onwenu reported Magu of EFCC to the radio station.
Then, the complainant who petitioned Ordinary Ahmed to look into his case stated that months back, he and a few others were arrested for “non-declaration of money found on them at the airport.”
The accuser claimed that was not true as he had declared the $54,000 – money which was raised by friends in a pardner .  He claimed that “EFCC Operatives, with authority from Mr Magu had accused them wrongly.” As he was not able to do anything about the issue, he decided to take the matter to the Berekete Family.
The FM station programme anchored by one “Ordinary Ahmed” touches and have touched the lives of many Nigerians, who have faced one Injustice or the other.
The main objective of the radio station is to advance the right of persons who have been victimized in one way or the other. Be it Individual, group of Individual, private organization, public organization etc. The show is known for taking up matters for anyone who is being victimised and is known for being fearless hence its ability to take on any abuser.
Following the intervention of Ordinary Ahmed who called Mr Magu on a live programme, the complainant was assured his money would be returned to him.
The EFCC Acting Chair told the anchor of the FM station to send the Mr Onwenu to him  with a guarantee that the case will be treated but unfortunately “when the complainant reported at Abuja HQ of EFCC, Mr Magu directed the man to Wilson Uwujaren, the Spokesman of the commission, who went on to send the complainant to the Lagos office for receipt of his dollars.
Ordinary Ahmed said in 23:46 minutes into the radio talk that Mr Uwujaren said he should “give him 2 weeks,” to resolve the matter.  But after the “2 weeks when I called him he said to give him another 2 weeks which he did. Once that 2 weeks had also lapsed, Ordinary Ahmed called to get an update and OnTuesday, 25th of October, Mr Uwujaren who first asked for another week sent a  respond via text (picture of received message) to the FM Station saying: “the complainant had been directed to EFCC Lagos Office.”
In that text, Mr Wilson said he was “directed by the chairman to inform you that Mr Onwenu should got to EFCC Lagos Office and meet with the case officer. Thank you Sir.”
Further investigation was done and it was established today, by the complainant’s brother that “unfortunately, when his brother (complainant) arrive at EFCC Lagos, he was taken in and looked up.
It was noted on the programme that whilst “others were given back their money in dollars, the complainer remains in EFCC cell and his own money as not been returned.”
Instead the complainant who has made several and frantic effort to get back his money was told to “come back today… and come back tomorrow,” until his illegal arrest.
According to his brother who was on the show, Mr Onwenu was arrested because he had exposed the matter to the public.
The claimant’s brother was asked to call Mr Onwenu on the phone but the line was not going through.”
The programme which has had over 1.4 k likes of Facebook gave many opportunities to Mr Magu to sort issues. On one occasion that Mr Magu of EFCC took, he called the FM station to apologize and assured that he will definitely resolve the problem; unfortunately, sources at the EFCC believe he only apologised so as “not to jeopardise his upcoming confirmation.”
Mr Magu has since refused to pick up Ordinary Ahmed’s call. This led to Ordinary Ahmed lamenting on the deceptive nature of Magu of EFCC.
breke - Shocker! Radio listeners Slam Magu over arrest of Innocent man (Photos)

Ordinary Ahmed


Text message from Wilson - Shocker! Radio listeners Slam Magu over arrest of Innocent man (Photos)

Text message from Wilson

“This man is working in an acting capacity; imagine if he confirmed as Chairman of EFCC, Ordinary Ahmed can be heard saying on the programme.
The radio presenter went on to speak of the dangers ahead, if he Mr Magu was confirmed as Substantive boss of the EFCC.
He urged for anyone who has had a good or bad experience with EFCC, Customs, Federal Airport Authority Staff and Immigration for to ring the show on Friday to share them.
This led listeners of a popular radio programme known as “Berekete Family” to lambast Mr Magu.
One listener who commented on Facebook said: “If that man dies, we go hold EFCC and the Chairman responsible.”
Another called Ola Mummy wrote that “this so called EFCC should be dissolved.”
EFCC staffers have been vocal about their ‘power drunk’ boss. They say this is another prove of how “corrupt” Mr Magu is and they urged for “all Nigerians to be vigilant if Mr Magu of EFCC is confirmed he would only get worse.
One person said that “Mr Magu has so far gotten away with murder and he will continue to do so if he is not stopped.”
Tony Eze called Mr Magu a “stupid man,” adding that “he knows about the detention, just because you have taken it to another level he is now calling. He should give that man (back his) money.
The source who refused to be named said:  “Mr Magu has made several bad decision but rather than own up, he makes his subordinate staff take the fall.”
Another said, “This is what Magu of EFCC does, he will give staff instructions and later sacrifice them when he feels his position is threatened by any exposé”.
This, they said could be seen in the case of an EFCC-NASS Liaison Officer, who gave Sen. Ike Eweremadu ” Anti Corruption Ambassador” on Mr Magu’s instruction, but the anti-graft agency boss later sacrificed the Core EFCC staff.
According to them, the EFCC boss will “sacrifice any staff just to save his head. Mr Magu of EFCC is hell bent to rubbish anyone, in as much as they stands his way to get confirmed by the NASS as EFCC Chair” reliable source relayed to this blog.
Staff have petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari to act fast, in order to save this Government and the EFCC- an organisation which should be a bedrock of the fight against corruption by this CHANGE Administration.

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