20 things you need to know about NASS allocation and fraudulent cost allowances - Jibrin
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20 things you need to know about NASS allocation and fraudulent cost allowances – Jibrin




A-To debunk the lies you are been told by the House of Representatives propaganda machine

B-I will be providing you with facts and figures in series of conversation commencing today with STATUTORY ALLOCATIONS OF NASS

C-to help you understand the truth about budget fraud, abuse of office, corruption and finances of the House of Representatives

D-The series will also deal with the reforms that are urgently needed to provide immediate and long term solution to the problems

E-I will commence series 1 today with the statutory allocation to NASS in the last 10 years and how it is utilized or expended. Follow the conversation on my Twitter handle @abdulabmj and face book public page Abdulmumin Jibrin

1-Statutory allocation to NASS in the last 10 years is 1, 271. 08 trillion

2-About 500 billion naira from the total allocation has been directly stolen in the name of running cost

3-The break down of the allocation is as follows 2006- 49.3 billion naira, 2007- 59.80 billion naira, 2008 112.56 billion naira

4-2009 106.64 billion naira, 2010 127. 78 billion naira, 2011 150 billion naira

5-2012 150 billion naira, 2013 150 billion naira, 2014 150 billion naira, 2015 120 billion naira and 2016 115 billion naira

6-The NASS allocation is a first line charge in the budget which makes it a priority and mandatory payment from the Federation Account

7-The utilization of this allocation which is the internal budget of the House has remain the most opaque in the entire world

8-When the allocation is received, the running cost of members which comes up to almost half the allocation is deducted

9-No member has a copy of the internal budget of the House which shows how the balance is spent

10-It is important to note that the running cost excludes salaries of legislative aides many of whom are ghost staff and other expenditures

11-The balance which is more than sufficient but for corruption is what is expected to be used to run the activities of the NASS

12-but severally the House still inserts some of its expenditure in the FGN budget especially capital supplementation under service wide vote

13-There exist massive corruption in the management of this balance through award of fraudulent contracts

14-The running cost is paid directly into members personal accounts

15-The retirement of running cost expenditure is simply a signed letter to the Clerk by a member, no receipt or any evidence required or attached

16-The running cost system was designed by Speaker Dogara as Chairman House services in the 6th Assembly, supervised it again in same capacity in the 7th Assembly and took it to another height in the 8th Assembly as Speaker.

17-It is structured in collaboration with some private entities in such a way that allows a member to get a lump sum in advance

18-The fact is that the running cost is responsible for shrinking the NASS allocation and even worst with massive corruption there in

19-The systemic corruption as a result of the running cost regime has made it difficult for members to stand up against corruption in the House

20-The House will never open up its budget or reform except something drastic is done by the security and anti graft agencies

Abdulmumin Jibrin is a member of the Nigerian house of representatives. He is a politician, businessman and an Academic.

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