Wealthy family force maid to sit and watch them while they eat at separate table


A very wicked family has caused an outrage online after a photo emerged showing them eating while their maid watched from another table.

The pictures were taken in a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia by a man called Micheal fanny. He drew a red outline on the maid who was watching the family eat at another table.

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Fanny wrote;

‘Your pembantu (servant) is part of your life. A reflection of your humanity. Imagine you are in their position, no phone to hold, not invited to eat, eyes just looking around. They chew while we swallow.We must respect and love our maids, our drivers, our gardeners… Life is not about profits and loss, it is not about ourselves. By sharing a little of what we have then we are sharing the love of God. #respectotherpeople #respectourmaid #respectourdriver #loveotherpeople #Godislove.’


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