Ultimate Cycler founder releases update on ponzi scheme


The crash of Ultimate Cycler has really affected a lot of Nigerians who patronize the scheme but a recent development has given them a little hope.

Peter wolfing, the founder of the viral ponzi scheme posted a message on his social media page, revealing that the new ultimate cycler will soon be released. he wrote;

Ultimate Cycler Members (1.3 million member launch)

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Get ready for the epic re-launch this weekend…
We’ve been busy reprogramming the site for mega-growth and it’s almost ready. Only testing remains!

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> New Kickstart Cycler level (company collected and paid on global debit card)
> New POWER Player upper level *All member-to-member direct payments
> Holiday Cash Contest
> New amazing site
> New Customer Service Center
> Lifetime admin (optional)

UC has hit 1.3 million members and is set to explode to 5-10 million members in 2017! Will you be a part of the global wave?

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Peter Wolfing
P.S. To Members of our other programs, we love you all. Our parent “holding company” runs many fantastic opportunities and has blessed millions of people over the past 18+ years. You just may not have been aware of them. You are welcome to participate in any of our assets. Please respect your lineage and go through them whenever possible.

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Wolfing also raised alarm on the emergence of a another scheme built in the likeness of Ultimate cycler. He wrote;

I ask anyone with ethics to come down on this site that went out of their way to steal my site name, design, programming and also to deceive others into thinking they are an official Ultimate Cycler site. How people have the balls to do that is incredible!

Join then at your own risk.



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